Our Wish List

Things we would love to experience

We believe in trying anything and everything in life! Even the bad experiences are great! We have complied a list of stuff we would like to try. If you think you can help us out then please drop us an email. We would love to hear from you! As we do each of our wishes we will cross them off the list.

So the stuff we want to do :

Go to a real American Rodeo

Eat at Ihop

Bungey jump

Joy ride in a Jet Fighter

Spend a day on a ranch with cowboys Did this one! Loved it!!! 

Drive a race car

Ride in an old Mustang V8

See a NASCAR race

Be in a prison riot  (Its complicated!)

Private tour of a Navy boat

Sky dive

Go to an American Election Party

Explore an old Cold War nuclear missile silo

Drive a Bigfoot (Monster truck)

We will add more as the site develops. If you have something unique you can show us then please email me and I can add it to the list!

Anyone who helps us with these wishes or just in general on the road will have their name listed on our thanks page!