Who the hell are these people???


Northern Western Australia

We are :

Shes tough and smart, soft and stupid, dirty bike oil runs in her veins. From managing an all male prison to running emergency response on a tropical island she has dealt with the worst and lived with the best. She has ridden a Suzuki DR650 the length and breadth of Western Australia, travel is her reason to live and people are her passion. Meet Chantelle.


Channy with her DR650

He’s hairy, tattoed and can lift heavy things, albeit with some difficulty. From plantations timber wrangling to National Parks Rangering, driving earthmoving machines to riding scooters. If theres something bright and shiny he will go play with it.  Meet Todd


Together we have been planning a world motorcycling trip over the last umpteen million years. Now the time has come, not for just a “trip”, but a new way to live and be free.

Black lines of potential travel routes!

We were bitten by the travel bug in 2008 after visiting America and Canada (and yes, we were married by Elvis in Vegas baby!). Since then we have travelled to Central Africa, ridden the Ho Chi Minh trail, trained, planed and bused through South Korea and Taiwan, walk all over Hong Kong and always we have been left wanting more.