So the steeds of choice

After much deliberation and to-ing and fro-ing we decided to do this trip on the gorgeous little Australia Post bike. Otherwise known as the Honda CT110. These little machines pump out a whopping 7.6 ground shattering, face numbing horsepower. We equate that to basically 8 steroid filled Clydesdale’s. Massive!


Todd’s hog is called Mabel. She is a 2011 ex-post bike and has had an engine transplant and now sports a brand spanking Lifan 125cc. Oh the power! Mabel has already proven herself to be a sulker and a tantrum thrower. During transport in the back of a dirty old hire van from her place of purchase to home, approximately 1100 kms, she managed to shatter both her mirrors, split her airbox and peed fuel all over the floor. She is definately a firey one! Oh and as homage to her Aussie heritage she still sports her convict number..

Meet Mabel!

Meet Mabel!

Chantelle has recently purchased Rosie. Rosie was set up for  a long range tropical jungle trip to the northern most point of Australia. We have yet to pick her up but a ride from Canberra to Adelaide should show any bugs she has! More to come as we work on her!

Rosie poos!


Both bikes are fitted with Honda XR250 tanks to give us a range of around 400km or thereabouts. They also both wear steel Australia Post pannier racks. While Mabel has a Lifan heart, Rosie has her true Honda one. A few weeks jaunt out into the desert in the new year will determine whether Mabel keeps her Lifan or gets a Honda one. Both bikes will have a nice overhaul of brakes, fork oil and probably a wash. They will both be fitted with heated grips and a lambswool seat cover! Fannnnncy!


Both bikes now run Lifan 125cc engines. We have found them to be fairly reliable but we do treat them to fresh oil every 1000-1200 kms. We run 16 tooth sprockets up front and the standard postie sprocket in the back. They are good for 80kms with this gearing but that is flogging the crap out of them. So we sit on a steady 65km/hr. We also have some 17t front sprockets which we will fit when we reach Chile and Argentina as we have some long haul roads there and we will likely want to sit on a higher speed. So far Mabel is heading on towards 50 000kms on her Lifan while Rosie has nearly 30 000 on hers. We have had to replace the original clutches at around the 20 000km mark on both engines.

To see Mabels new engine going in you can watch my first ever video that I have made with a short timelapse. The end stuffed up and I dont know how to fix it! Click HERE to see it.