The Gear

The following a list of gear which we have chosen to use.. until it either annoys us or wears out!!!!!


  • Denali self-inflating mats
  • Sea-to-Summit inflatable pillows
  • Vango Halo 300 tent
  • Vango sleeping bags
  • Sea-to-Summit sleeping bag liners
  • Primus multi-fuel stove
  • Chair One copy
  • Aeropress (a portable coffee plunger)
  • Other stuff (pots, collapsible cups etc)



  • West Coast Motorcycle Clothing leather jacket
  • Draggin Jeans
  • Forma Adventure boots
  • Shark Raw helmet


  • West Coast Motorcycle Clothing leather jacket
  • Ixon kevlar jeans
  • RST Adventure boots
  • Shark Evo 2 helmet

We also are using a bike-2-bike unit. Its a Uclear. Early use shows that we hate it. Poor sound quality, boomless microphone is useless. We have to shout to be heard even with volume on full. But we shall see how we go. Maybe its setup wrong. Edit : After more testing and frustrated use we tried to return the units for a refund. They are pretty much useless when riding at any speed. However we were told we couldnt have a refund and that we could only swap it for a new unit if ours was faulty. Very unhappy as we spent $550 on these things. My advice to others, don’t buy them. Buy the Sena instead.


As we have been unable to resolve this issue with the retailer we purchased the unit from we shall be seeking advice from Australian Consumer Protection.