A big thankyou!

We would love to thank the following for helping us to live this amazing dream. Whether you have given us inspiration, motivation, parts or advice, cash, food, shelter or helped us with our wish list. Thankyou thankyou thankyou!

Leo, thanks so much for the birthday wishes and for your donation! It will likely go towards cake for Todd…I mean Chantelle. Much love your way!

A massive thank you to Dennis aka Roadcapden for your very kind donation! We are truly grateful!

Simone, your amazing message and kind donation came to us at one of our lowest points of the trip. It really gave us the lift and the drive we needed to push on. We cannot thank you enough!

James you are incredible! Thankyou for your donation! Mabel and Rosie love you for it!!!

Edward and Alisa, thankyou for having us stay at your house!!

Frank from ZMW Adventures in Tucson for sorting us out in regards to Rosies rear wheel and for the amazing dinner you cooked for us!


Eva from Tucson. Another amazing Motostays host! Thankyou for putting up with us for the best part of a week while we waited for our bikes to get fixed!

Karen from Roswell for hosting us!! Thankyou for your kind hospitality and allowing us to pick your brains on the local area! A massive thankyou for taking us to a missile silo!!!!!!!!

Glen Smith! You bloody legend! Thankyou for your donation to our ride!

John and Desery for letting us hang out in Fairbanks with you and for helping us with Mabels engine and the amazing dinner! A big thanks for introducing me to Fireball!

Bob and Anne and your beautiful family for looking after us in camp and for the amazing dinner we had out with you both!

Grahame and Carole, your ranch is amazing! An experience like we have never had before! Thank you guys so much!

To Dean and Janette, you guys are so amazing! Thankyou so very much for everything! Hope you enjoy your little surprise when it turns up!

Frans and Silvia, the kindness of strangers never ceases to amaze us! Awesome to hang out with you! Kepp the rubber side down!!

Brian and Cindy for having us as guests at their amazing house in Campbell River!

Jax from www.postienotes.com.au for putting us up in Sydney!

Mike O’Neill from Lambda Motorcycles for all his advice and spare parts. Head over and check the site out if you need CT110 parts.


RD thanks for providing inspiration to make videos, and thanks for helping with Mabels repairs Please follow this guy on his CT110 travels around Oz and if you can please DONATE to him as half the donations go to The Black Dog Institute.

RD’s youtube for amazing videos : http://bit.ly/itsRDTube

RD’s Facebook : http://bit.ly/itsRDBook