Clutchin’ at crutches. Not crotches

Did you know that Chantelle snapped her ankle in two places on the second day of our trip.

We were riding along a very sandy dirt road when Rosie decided to chuck Chantelle off. The result, a moon boot for the next 6 weeks and a set of crutches strapped to Mabel.

All with the blessing of a doctor of course.

We had to hide it from the parents though and only told them when we got home!


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3 thoughts on “Clutchin’ at crutches. Not crotches

  1. Julie

    Oh no! Hope you heal at 100% recovery wirh no further issues. Safe travels..

  2. Den

    Troopers l say, good to be following along again!

  3. Anthony Morrison

    bugger, it does happen occasionally, get well soon Chantelle. I see the postie has gained some pelicans, is this what hit the ankle? Just where are you both now, having fun I am sure. Safe travels

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