Interested in seeing some of our new videos?

Even though we aren’t currently riding our amazing little bikes, we are still making videos. We are hoping to hone our fillum making skills a little so that when we set off on our posties again we can make better videos for you all! Plus we now have a drone! Heres a couple of videos we have made since being on Christmas Island (CI).

If you like them, then head over to our YouTube channel and subscribe to us!

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8 thoughts on “Interested in seeing some of our new videos?

  1. Randall Longcore

    Nice shot. Been a looong time so I just thought I would say hi from Tucson. Hi!

    • tncpowell

      Hello! It has been too long! We miss you all so much!

      • Randall Longcore

        I’ll update Eva too. She is more likely to make it your way than I. Every coming to Tucson again? You must have some spots you want to visit again.

        • tncpowell

          We most certainly do!

  2. Hi Aunty Chantelle and uncle Todd
    I had a great time seeing u and everyone. It’s been so long since I’ve seen u. Btw luv how wen u showed us how u use the drone u included some of that in it. Also the kids were fun and no trouble do o don’t know what u were saying uncle Todd. Hope u had a great time and can’t wait to see u again. Luv bailee

    • That was meant to say so I

  3. zoltan horvath

    Hi Guys! It’s really been a while… Work work work. What’s up with you?
    Bike buillding, local trips, work? Tod… did you became a park ranger or a postie-man? 😀

    I’m sure hope to see you when you gonna turn the boat thisaway.
    Best wishes,

    • tncpowell

      Hello! It has been too long! We only just today managed to get our internet on! Theres an update coming soon! Plus we have a new website to launch which we hope to use much more! We are currently both working and the plan is in motion to be getting back on the posties!

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