Well hello there. Its been a while hasn’t it?

We thought we should give you all an update as to what’s going on in the Over Yonda camp. We miss writing the blog but most of all we miss talking to you lot! So here’s the latest.

Week 1 Christmas Island – 21 to 27 August 2017

C – Well, we are off on another adventure! One that was not really anticipated, but we decided to just jump in and say yes to the opportunity to return to the island which we called home for a few years before heading off on our postie bike adventure.

T – We kind of figured that if we are going to be stopped for a short while we may as well work right? And by we, I mean Chantelle.

C – Thats right! We are heading back to Christmas Island. I have accepted a three month contract and we will be making the most of the island lifestyle before our fly out date, 14 November 2017.

We spent a very fun weekend with family, celebrating my sister-in-law’s birthday in the small fishing town of Lancelin, just north of Perth. After eating a lot of delicious food, it was time to head back to the city and get our butts in to gear for the Tuesday flight.

T – We had been staying in Mount Barker in WA and the weather greeted us with its cold, wet, icy grasp. So we were pretty damn keen to experience some warmth! And Christmas Island has plenty of that!

C – Being so remote and a very harsh environment, produce is not easy to come by on Christmas Island. So Monday meant hitting the fresh vege section in Woolworths and stocking up on some essentials which we knew would be difficult to buy on the island.

Arriving at the airport, it appeared that our transition from permanent holiday makers into employed residents of a remote community was not going to be so smooth! An error in my booking meant it took a significant number of time to check in and before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye to my lovely little mother and father and head on through security and passport control. Although Christmas Island is an Australian territory, the flight leaves from the international terminal.

T – Bye Ma and Pa. We will be back in a very short time! Channys mum remarked that she seemed to spend half of her life in airports saying goodbye to us!

C – The flight was uneventful and I was feeling anxious about arriving back on CI. I was excited to see good friends, but felt oddly weird about returning to work. It was so very strange to think tomorrow I was no longer free to wake up when I wanted and spend my day doing whatever I wanted!

T- As we landed my I was asking myself if we were making the right decision returning to the island. Our last experience here had been full of HUGE ups and downs. But we resolved to stay strong as a team and tackle everything head on!

C – As we stepped off of the plane, we were greeted by a warm, humid hug as the air of Christmas Island surrounded us. It was nice to be greeted so warmly by people we knew and of course, it was ridiculously exciting to see Katies beautiful, smiling face as we exited the airport!

T – Warm! It was so bloody warm! Oh my. I have missed being warm.

C – We spent the evening settling in to the accommodation as I contemplated the next day.

Turns out, day one was ok! It was great to see familiar faces and settle into some brain ache inducing work. Of course day 2 and 3 came and went in varying degrees of speed but I was itching for the weekend long before the weekend came!

It is weird how things do not really change in an office – everything so very familiar, yet so very unfamiliar. Not because the office has changed, but because I have changed so much. I have never really felt I ‘fit’ in any particular box and now well, now that feeling is just on steroids!

Saturday saw us leaping out of bed for a wondrous adventure! We met Katie for early morning roti canai at the Halal Cafe and then headed out to explore Fresh Water Cave. The cave was as beautiful as we remembered although we had poorly timed our entry and so the tide levels meant that we could only explore the first chamber.

T – Last time we were here I had been employed by Christmas Island National Parks and over the course of time there I had been to many a cave and even discovered one of my very own. But I am petrified of the damn things. I’m in and out of them in a flash!

C- On our way out, we stopped at an incredibly beautiful tree which you can climb up inside all the way to the top! Its terrifyingly amazing!

We finished our day watching Dunkirk at the open air cinema, with more warm greetings and catch ups with old acquaintances.

Sunday morning we were once again up and at ’em early and on a trek to Dolly Beach. We took the four wheel drive track down to the start of the boardwalk and then enjoyed a wonderful stroll through the jungle, spying blue crabs, robber crabs, red crabs and ghost crabs, along with booby birds and frigate birds. We spent the morning chilling on the beach, playing in the surf and searching for treasure for the piles of rubbish that washes up on the beach.

Dolly Beach is a beautiful beach but unfortunately, this beach and the next beach along, Great Beach, suffer from rubbish washing on from the currents. Its incredibly sad and the local community work hard to keep these beaches clear. Buts its a never ending battle. Waste reduction programmes and education are badly needed throughout the world.

Next week – well I have a grand plan! That grand plan is to keep the adventure alive whilst I work full time. How adventurous can we be on Christmas Island? Lets see if we can rise to the challenge!!

T – So for now our bikes are tucked safely away while they await our return to the mainland. We miss them terribly and every time we see a postie zip past on the island I have a pang in heart as I remember the amazing adventure we have just had with Rosie and Mabel. There is quite a gang of posties on the island and maybe we can convince them to have a chat with us!

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8 thoughts on “Well hello there. Its been a while hasn’t it?

  1. Jax

    I know what you mean about the “box”.
    Problem is I now live in a box!

    • tncpowell


  2. Dave

    T&C good to hear from both of you again. Work……hmmmmmm…..seem to have forgot all about that stuff since retirement last Dec. Beautiful picture from Christmas Island. Thanks for the update……Dave (B10Dave from ADV Rider)

    • tncpowell

      Gday Dave! Lovely to hear from you! Yeah work…..hmm indeed! Hope you are doing well!

  3. Anthony Morrison

    Hi Tod and Chantelle, caught up with your blog at last and happy to see a picture of 2 old farts on the Great Central Road with a Subaru. I must say meeting you both was a real highlight of our drive around this year. Maybe we should have had lunch together was it was lunch time when we met, but reading your blog you would have struggled even more to get home when you did. We visited Mt Barker a few years ago and remember the Banksia man and his farm. For the rest of our drive across the GCR I was thinking of you and just how bad the road was, and the fun and games you must have had. When we met it was almost a highway. It has been cold and wet since we arrived home and I only wish I could get a job at Christmas Island as well.
    While reading your blog I can not understand the problems of returning the Honda’s to Australia, we have taken our V-Strom overseas twice with no problems returning to our roads,but it is typical Australian bureaucracy.
    All the best for the future especially the savings side.
    Cheers Anthony & Janet

    • tncpowell

      Hey guys! It was so brilliant to have met you both. We chatted about you for the rest of the day. Its always lovely to be able to connect with some likeminded souls on the road. It sure is nice being warm here on the island. 26 degrees most days and it must be up around the 90% humidity. Just lovely! Glad to hear you enjoyed the rest of your road trip! That road was amazing wasn’t it? We really love the Aussie deserts. Red dirt, that we are still washing out of our clothes, and amazing scenery and people.

  4. Zoltan Horvath

    Oh My Godness… This Island seems to be the perfect deal! Do you mean a warm, beautiful place not overrun totally by tourists every summer?
    So will you guys work there?
    Postman, Park Ranger? Prison manager? May I inquire what job you have in mind? It must be pretty difficult to settle back… I had 3 months in India and after that I had no idea what the hekk I was doing back on the threadmill…

    Good luck to you guys!

    • tncpowell

      Its not over run by tourists! C has a job here, but T is being a lady of leisure! Leaving the bikes behind and working is proving to be very tough. A break is good, but already we are struggling with it! Its weird to go back to work for sure isn’t it?

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