Work is a dirty word

T – Now that we are stopped back at home its time to knuckle down and start looking for work. Yuk! I was brought up believing that hard work is the best way to get by in life, and I still believe it. So I set about looking for a few jobs.

C – If I am being honest, it would be very easy to let Totti do all the hard yards and then I could just be a lady of leisure right? Spending my days playing with Rosie!! Somehow, I do not think Todd is going to let that happen!

T – There was one working as a Ranger for Uluru National Park which I was really keen on. So I had been slaving away for the last couple of days to get my application written up and submitted. Fingers crossed! The second one I found was by pure accident. It turns out that Australia Post is looking for a postman to deliver mail on one of their postie bikes! I think I should be able to handle riding a postie bike. Right?

With a few applications sent off it was time to have a look at poor old Mabels chain and sprocket. The new ones were delivered this morning. So armed with some tools and some music I sent about having a look at the damage to the old sprocket. I wasn’t too surprised when I ripped it out and saw that it was almost worn in a perfect circle. Hardly a scrap of tooth left on it.

While I had her side case off she also had her valves adjusted and and a new rear sprocket and chain fitted. She should be like new again! I do have to work out what is happening in her rear end to be causing the chain to be stripping teeth off and I suspect its a buggered sagging rear shock.

With her all fixed and tuned I couldnt help but take her for a ride around Mt Barker. Well that was a mistake. Straight away I just wanted to load the bikes back up and ride off. I really miss it already. Its going to be a tough little while but I really need the rest, and the bikes really need the repairs. So patience Todd, patience.

C – Whilst Todd was playing with Mabel, I was slaving away on a job application. At the moment, life just feels like an extended holiday, but with some normality. I am really enjoying living in the warm (despite the cold weather outside, my Dad keeps the fire going all day and night – he likes it toasty too!!) and I have been cooking up some of my favourite, nutritious and delicious meals and I have even managed to get back into running and yoga. Its all becoming routine again! But it is still a novelty to sleep in a real bed every night, use a bathroom inside the house and have constant access to hot showers!

T – The rest of the week will be spent applying for more jobs, all across Australia as we dont mind where we end up, and then this weekend we shall have a day trip out through a local National Park to see an old friend of mine. So we will keep you posted!

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4 thoughts on “Work is a dirty word

  1. Dar

    That was one worn out sprocket. Hope you both find the jobs you want. When are you going to be out roaming the world again?

    • tncpowell

      Not soon enough!!! We think we would benefit from about 12 months work which will allow us to save a heap of cash, rebuild our bikes to like new..ish, and have a darn good rest ourselves! We want to do a lot with our Over Yonda brand. Unfortunately it will take time and money.

  2. Dna

    Have u planted anothrr geocache near the chook?

    • tncpowell

      Haha. Not yet. But we should!

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