C – What a special morning! The sun glowed brilliant orange on the horizon before showing itself to the very cold and crisp desert morning. But it did not take long for the warmth to spread and we were soon enjoying the sunshine with a hot cup of coffee.

T – Life is sure tough for us! Hanging out in the early morning sun, listening to the birds while the first rays of sunlight strike up from the earth in front of us. I’m a big fan of these crisp cool early starts to the day. So long as by 10am it is starting to warm up.

C – Today was going to be an easy ride, only 150km, so we took our time packing up camp and ended up having a lovely chat with a couple who were touring the country in their car and caravan, picking up odd jobs and house sitting along the way.

After a lovely conversation, we finally hit the road about 10.30. The road was really quite busy and we were constantly on the lookout for cars coming up behind us.

It felt like no time at all before we spotted Mt Connor in the distance. Apparently, Mt Connor is quite often mistaken as Uluru by first time visitors to the area. From a distance it is red and large and a kind of similar shape.

T – Mt Connor sticks out like a sore thumb. It is all alone in a sea of flatness.

C – We stopped at the Mt Connor look out, where you could really see the beautiful cliffs of the isolated flat topped mountain. We also enjoyed chatting to two cyclists, Audrey and Max, who are making their way from Hobart to Darwin on their bicycles.

Further down the road, we pulled into a side track for some lunch (cue peanut butter sandwiches mmmmmmmm) and then continued on to Yulara.

Uluru came into vision about 40km from the townsite of Yulara and as before, we were both mesmerized by its beauty and imposing nature. We also got some lovely distant views of Kata-Tjuta (another rock formation) as we neared Yulara.

We basically stared at the rock the whole way into town and before long we were tucked up in our friends house, enjoying hot showers and electricity.

T – It was great to catch up with Mike and Julie. We all lived over on Christmas Island at the same time a few years back. So it was great to share a drink and have a lovely chat.

Tomorrow we strike out for the Great Central Road. I cant bloody wait!

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