The long long slog

T – As we have done nothing much more than slog out a couple of thousand, yes a couple of thousand, kilometers down a highway we had decided to condense the 5 days of slog into a single entry.

C – We say five days of slog.. But really – what beautiful landscape! It has been less of a slog than a scenic ride, albeit for long distances!

T – We cruised through gorgeous flat landscape the was coloured by brilliant red dirt, brown vegetation and crystal blue skies. The contrasts of the colours was enough to take your breathe away!

For quite some time it seemed as if we couldn’t shake the rain clouds. They dogged us continually from all sides and on one occasion left us to wake up one morning to an inch of water running through and around our tent. This wasnt what we expected thats for sure! Though possibly I may have picked a silly camp spot. In a bit of a hollow on the downwards side of a dam. But I just never expected it to rain so much!

C – Everyone we met kept commenting “I have never seen it rain so much here at this time of year”. Of course, it is meant to the dry season and that is the reason for the millions of travellers up this way at the moment. A few times, Todd and I eyed their cosy caravans, RV’s and buses with envy as we got wet and cold.

T – We chipped away at the miles and had tons of bum breaks. Every time we stopped we would chat to another traveller, usually a retired wanderer, about the bikes and life on the road. One guy has us in stitches as he explained to us that he tried to teach his wife how to ride a postie but, and this is his words, “She was just too stupid to learn how to ride and nearly ran over my shed”. But he ducked for cover as he said this and checked to make sure his wife was still patiently waiting in the car.

Along the way we met a gentleman who was walking a very long walk. From Darwin in the north to the city of Canberra in the south. He was taking 5 months to do it and was possibly one of the happiest chaps we have ever met! His Facebook is 5millionsteps.

We chugged away and soon we were crossing from Queensland into the Northern Territory. Places were few and far between out here and we started knocking out 400+ kms a day. The bikes took it all in their stride though and they kept valiantly at it.

We reached a sign that told us our next turn would be in just 458 kms. Wowsers. And between us and that turn there wasn’t too many other roads to turn down. What a big place! The ground really flattened out here and there wasn’t too much in the way of vegetation around. But it was very beautiful to behold.

C – I was excited to come across a memorial to Burke and Wills out here – two explorers who made an ill fated journey in their attempt to explore Australia. We saw many other historic sites along the way, giving us little tid bits of Australian history.

Finally we reached the crossroads and we had two choices. North or South. We headed south towards the town of Alice Springs which was only 500 odd kms down the road. So we settled in and belted out another 300 kays.

C – Despite the draw of Darwin weather and a friend to visit, we headed south towards Alice Springs and to see two very dear friends of ours. The big draw of south is the chance to ride the Great Central Road from Uluru across to Laverton in Western Australia. We have driven this road in a car before, but it has been a bucket list item to ride motorcycles across! So, south we turned!

We passed by the Devils Marbles, which is a rocky outcrop which resembles, yep, you guessed it! Oversized marbles!!

T – We passed through some small one building towns and had a short stop over at the town of Wycliffe Well. This is Australias UFO hotspot apparently. We grabbed some pics of some visiting aliens and ran away before any ‘probing’ could begin.

We started to count down the miles into Alice and by lunch time on 11th July we turned off the Stuart Highway and onto the road that led to a hotel, wifi and most importantly a shower and laundry! We smell, our clothes smell and we are in need of a freshen up.

We are catching up with some friends here and catching up on the blog and a video.

Tomorrow we shall check out the town a little more, do some shopping and grab some extra supplies before we tackle the 1000km stretch of dirt road that runs from Uluru to Laverton, north of Kalgoorlie, in Western Australia.

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10 thoughts on “The long long slog

  1. Chris D from Ippy.

    Best wishes for a good trip and safe arrival at Laverton.

    • tncpowell

      Cheers Chris. We are really excited about the Great Central Road!

  2. Denny

    Nice updates, thanks.
    Roos have horns?
    Those are bugs on your back?

    • tncpowell

      Thanks! Hahaa, no, roos don’t have horns. I have no idea what that was about! We see some odd things out here. Lots of termite mounds dressed up as people, weird statues… Those are flies. Hundreds of the buggers here!

  3. Karen Boehler

    Hmmmm … a UFO town not far from Alice Springs. Should I consider a trip to Oz after India?

    • tncpowell

      You definitely should. Although its no Roswell. Think Rachel in Nevada and take away Area 51. Although, there is a place nearby that is called Pine Gap. Its kind of Australias Area 51…….and we plan to call in there on the way past as we head out of Alice. Also theres a cool thing here called the Min Min lights. A strange thing where travellers are followed by balls of light for hundreds of kms out in the middle of nowhere.

  4. Paul and Julie from Kit and Kaboodle

    Hi its Paul and Julie from Kit n Kaboodke that you guys met ar WW2 Memorial Camp Site just outside of Mt Isa.

    As you have probably noticed as we did after entering NT on July 9th. That the distances between A’s and B’s is massive.
    Plus the futher you are from Darwin the more fuel costs.

    • tncpowell

      Hey guys! How is it going?

  5. You not going through Gero are u of so we will have to catch up

    Love u heaps

    • tncpowell

      Hi Bailee! We came down through Kalgoorlie. Made it back into Mt Barker

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