Its daylight robbery!

T – Yet another lonnnng nights sleep in a lovely bush camp. Im finding it hard to stay awake past 7pm! Still at least it means that I am up with the sun each morning and thats my favourite part of the day!

This morning I was greeted by laughter from a group of Kookaburras in the tree above me as I had a quiet piddle. Bloody bastards. What are they laughing at?

After we packed up our camp we headed into the nearby town where we found hot, hot showers! For free! Score! So we ducked in and rinsed 5 days of dirt and grit off before donning fresh undies and heading back to the north again.

It was quite a nice road and once again some geocaches started to show up on the maps. So we stopped off and did one in the town of Ilfracombe. Then after a ludicrously over priced water and cornjack ($10.60 for two waters and one corn jack) we continued on our way toward the larger town of Longreach.

As we cruised into the town we spied the very distinct tail of a rather large QANTAS aircraft. A Boeing 747 in fact. The town of Longreach is the very town where this massive company first had its humble beginnings. There was a museum and a tour where you could go into the big plane and have a snoop around. I was very excited, right up until I saw how much it was. $60 thanks very much, per person. Yikes! I keep forgetting just how costly Australia is. Another spot over the road that Channy wanted to visit, the Stockmans Hall of Fame, was also charging a whopping $30 each to get in. So we snapped some pics of the plane and left.

We headed northwards again and we were chased by some very ominous looking dark clouds. In the far distance we could see where the rain was belting down, but our bikes were pointed to a tiny gap in the clouds and in the end we managed to squeeze on by with barely a drop of rain falling on us.

It wasnt much longer and we were pulling into a free camp for the night. Free camping in Australia is so damn easy. Camp almost any where you like, so long as its not on private property, and you will be left to your own devices.

Tomorrow we continue our trek towards Mt Isa, another 2 days ride, which is where we will cross from Queensland and into the Northern Territory before swinging southwards a touch to Alice Springs.

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2 thoughts on “Its daylight robbery!

  1. Jax

    I love a sunburnt country,
    a land of sweeping plains…

    • tncpowell

      A great poem that one!

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