Beyond the black stump

C – I was surprised how early the ‘nomads’ were up and out of camp this morning. But it did also mean that we were on the road a little earlier and enjoying the beautiful morning sun over the Queensland outback.

T – We were woken by the creaking and clicking of old knees and worn hip replacements this morning! I joke of course! The singing of the bush wildlife is a lovely way in which to wake up each morning!

C – We were back on the highway today, but a couple last night told us to take the detour off of the highway into the small town of Isisford.

We cruised through Tambo and then enjoyed some Queensland Transport Department trivia along the highway. We learned that the black stump of the ‘beyond the black stump’ saying is in Blackall, so of course we had to check this out before detouring off of the highway!

After enjoying some sandwiches in the local park for lunch, we went in search of the stump. It was actually quite interesting how the stump was used as a reference point for mapping this area of Queensland. Anything west of the stump was referred to as ‘beyond the black stump’… hence the saying! How about that? Unfortunately, the stump no longer exists and they have replaced it with a petrified stump. But still!

T – So we went beyond the black stump in the middle of whoop whoop!

C – It was a pleasure to turn off the highway and enjoying a small, country backroad. We saw even more kangaroos, emus and bird life and seemingly endless plains!

The previous campsites had been busy, but boy! The one here in Isisford was jam packed! There must of been at least 100 vans and tents spread across the area. And we soon learnt why! The small town of Isisford is quite beautiful and they really cater for the grey-haired nomads type. The grocery store does a weekly run into Longreach – a bigger town – to pick up groceries for the travellers, and the shire provides free toilets, hot showers and an RV dump point. All for a measly $3 per night, or $15 for a weekly stay. The local hotel and golf club put on cheap meals for the travellers as well. I must say, some of these travellers looked a little permanent. But, it is a great base for exploring the local area and everyone who spoke to seemed to really like staying there.

Tomorrow, we will continue to head north along the highway.

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4 thoughts on “Beyond the black stump

  1. Dna

    Love seeing the aussie updates….

    • tncpowell

      Thanks guys! We will be at your place some time in the near future!

  2. Dna

    Wohoooooooo… wheeennnn?

    • tncpowell

      Hmm…ummm….a few weeks???

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