Eat the meat, EAT THE MEAT!

C – I awoke this morning to the beautiful Queensland sun streaming into the tent. We had a slow morning, enjoying coffee in the sunshine and slowing packing up.

We were continuing to meander our way up the highway today. After only a few kilometres, we started to see typically Australian wildlife and it was wonderful! We passed emu’s and kangaroos (live ones as opposed to the million dead ones we see lying on the roadside) and even spied a number of hawks and galahs.

T – Its crazy how many dead roos we have been passing. Has it always been this way and we are only seeing it with fresh eyes? Or has there been an increase in both Kangaroo traffic and road traffic out here? Certainly the big 3 trailered road trains dont slow down for the roos! Or even postie bikes. But they do give us a wide berth when they can!

C – Despite being a highway, the road was relatively quiet and we got to enjoy the rush of exhilaration as massive road trains up to 50mtrs long passed us, dragging us along with them.

We pulled into the small town of Augathella in the afternoon to top up our fuel when we noticed a sign a pointing to ‘Meat Ant Park’… Intriguing. Of course, we had to swing by and check it out. There were various facts about the meat ant and also an interesting sculpture of a very large meat ant!

Mabel and Rosie carried us out of town (I think they were frightened of the ants!) and we were soon pulling into a roadside camp, again, filled with caravanners!

T – Mabel doesnt have much meat on her, unless you count my fat ass, so she was keen to scramble and get out of there as fast as her bald tyre would allow!

C – Tonight we were treated to an aural delight listening to the grey haired nomads compare speeds, towing capacities, aches and pains, kilometres travelled (apparently the less wins!) and of course the number of times one has to pee per day.

T – It was quite odd hearing the strong Australian accents. We really do sound weird! The oldies kept us entertained with all the goings on in the caravanning world. Who towed what, who flipped who off at what campground, who ran their generator to long and too loudly. It was quite fun!

C – One of the guys chatted to Todd about the trip and when Todd mentioned where we were headed, the gentleman recommended to him that I get some more practice on the bike before tackling a dirt road. Well, it was lucky I did not hear this comment, although poor Todd then had to listen my feminist rants! In just under two weeks back in Australia, I have now experienced these kind of comments three times. I understand that these guys think they are being helpful, not offensive, but really?!?! No one ever says these kinds of comments to Todd…

T – I dont think the guy meant any harm with his comment, buuuuuutttt…I quickly came to Chantelles defense and said how far and where she had just ridden. But he wasnt too interested.

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4 thoughts on “Eat the meat, EAT THE MEAT!

  1. Brenda

    OMG I love still being able to keep up with your posts and travels via email 😊 glad you are back in your homeland and still having new experiences.

    • tncpowell

      Hi Brenda! Glad you are still following along! We will keep on sharing as we head to our home state of Western Australia

  2. Jax

    As a solo female rider, I still get men mansplaining to me how to ride, what oil to use, how to load the bike… I just ask them when they last rode a postie around Oz. They usually shut up.
    The ones I really hate are the guys telling me why I should upgrade to a bigger bike – that I’ll go faster and be more comfortable… my sarcasm gene pops up at this point.

    • tncpowell

      Oh yes, the old buy a bigger better bike deal! We have lost count of how often we have been told this one. Back here in Oz we are pretty well ignored by the bigger bikes.

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