Roadkill galore!

C – We headed back into Roma this morning to pick up some groceries and access some internet.

T – But first we had to sit out a nice little bit of unexpected rain. It wasnt a heavy rain but boy it was a soaking one! Being that we ditched our wet weather pants back in Buenos Aires we were kind of exposed from the waist down. So we decided to sit it out for a bit.

C – After spending a few hours updating the blog and getting some other tasks done, it was mid-afternoon by the time we got going. The sky was looking quite threatening, but very beautiful, as we headed west out of Roma, towards the menacing clouds.

We were praying it wouldn’t rain on us, as we had been unable to find any wet weather pants in Roma.

Thankfully, we managed to squeeze in between two very dark clouds and only got a few drops of rain on us.

We rode on towards the town of Mitchell, enjoying the views of the rain storms all around us. We could see blue sky in the distance and were delighted when we came upon our free camp in the town of Mitchell. The camp was beautiful, albeit absolutely jam packed full.

T – It seems that while we were away everyone in Australia bought a caravan and buggered off around Australia. We are continually being passed by vans and RV’s all day.

C – We have really noticed how big caravanning in Australia now and all of our free camps have been packed full of ‘grey haired nomads’ escaping the winter in the south!

At this stage, we do not really know if we will travel the Plenty Highway into Alice Springs or take the highway around to Mt Isa and then into Tennant Creek.. So many possibilities!

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4 thoughts on “Roadkill galore!

  1. Jax

    Come to Darwin… no rain here.

    • tncpowell

      Haha! There seems to have been a TON of rain down Alice way!

  2. Steve Dechert

    I wonder, has anyone asked for your autograph yet? I didn’t know there was a winter in Australia that needed escaping from, lol. Those scenes of the water are terrific. The clouds, too. Although I guess clouds are still technically water.
    Ride on!

    • tncpowell

      Hahaha! Asked for our autographs? Nope! The scenery has been brilliant as it has been in every country! We are really surprised at the amount of water laying around here as in the north of Australia it is technically the dry season.

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