Roamin’ to Roma

C – This morning started out slow as we lazed in the sun and enjoyed our morning hot drinks slowly.

We eventually packed up camp and hit the road, this time joining the A2 highway and making our way towards the town of Roma. Today would be a little less exciting riding, as the highway would take us all the way there.

We stopped in a few small towns along the way and enjoyed our lunch in the park in the small town of Dulacca.

The scenery was mostly flat farming land, but it still made us smile as passed by very typically Australian vistas.

T – One thing I had always taken for granted while travelling in Australia is the abundance of small town parks. They usually come with clean toilets and free electric BBQs. Ahh the little things.

C – We arrived in Roma and stopped at a geocache just before town, which was another relatively easy find.

Roma is full of bottle trees so we called into the local park and checked out the largest bottle tree in town. It certainly was a very cool tree! There is another geocache here, but after 30minutes we gave up trying to find it – it was definitely well hidden!

Our camp was only 10km out of town, so we trundled out there and picked a nice spot in the sun. The spot was pretty crowded with travelling caravanners, and we had a chat to a few of the couples during the afternoon.

Once again, neither of us saw 7pm – what is going on!!

T – Chantelle informed me that it was barley 650pm when I was snuggling down into my sleeping bag and getting ready to sleep. I just couldnt stay awake any longer!

Tomorrow, we will head back into Roma to do a few errands – we need to access some internet, get some groceries and pick up some new wet weather pants each.

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2 thoughts on “Roamin’ to Roma

  1. Dna

    Sounds like your batteries are being recharged nicely ….

    • tncpowell

      They sure are. Tons of sleep!!

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