Screech screech screech!

C – After a long discussion about where to from here last night, it is decided that we will head west towards family and friends, rather than going north first. Going north would be wonderful (particularly the weather!) but the call of home is now quite strong and the fact that we both slept for 12 straight hours again last night tells us we were both quite tired.

T – Cape York will be there when we head back over. It seems that being back on familiar territory again has just reinforced how tired we really are now.

So, we set path for west and loaded up the bikes on the sunny, but chilly, morning.

C – Our track this morning took us mostly along lonely, quiet gravel roads and about mid-morning we stopped in the sunshine, among the gum trees, and enjoyed some breakfast and a hot cup of tea.

The rest of the day passed much the same, with us continuing to ride the lonely back roads and keeping off of the black stuff as much as possible.

We found a lovely little campsite along the edge of a small lagoon and were treated to the song of the cockatoos as they screeched their way through sunset.

Neither of us saw 7pm and settled in for another solid 12hrs of sleep.

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