Tea makes me pee.

C – It was a beautiful day and we were keen to get riding into the Glasshouse Mountains.

We left Bill and Collette’s mid-morning and ventured out into the lovely sunshine. It was not long, however, until I really started to notice the difference between the Honda CT110 and the Lifan 125 engine. Normally, I zip ahead of Todd and trundle up each hill, waiting for Todd at the top. But, the life of being in front is now well and truly over.

Todd zoomed up hills in 3rd and 4th gear, whilst I was back to 2nd and 3rd and even first on one hill. I was surprised at the significant power difference between the two engines and soon came to realise I do not like being the slow one! Todd, of course, took great delight in this and laughed and made of fun of us – all just desserts for those times I made fun of Mabel and Todd!!!

T – Well it certainly made us realise the benefits of having had the Lifans while riding over the Andes mountains! We thought our Lifans were slow, but we could only imagine how much the standard CT110 engine would have struggled. So we think it may have to be new Lifans all round when we tackle the next half of the planet.

C – The riding was superb as we rode up to the lookout at the Glasshouse Mountains. We enjoyed a snack and took in the view before zooming off again towards Beerwah and our campsite for the evening.

We had just about arrived at the campsite when we saw a geocache pop up on the GPS. It was time to stop! We stopped at Wayne’s Lookout and found the geocache in no time. We were excited to do more of these along the road in Australia.

T – Its been a while since we did any Geocaching. For those of you who dont know what it it, its an international treasure hunt using your GPS. Definately a fun way to break up the long haul days.

C – The final ride down into the campsite was a magnificant, one lane gravel road, which wound down a few hundred metres. It was absolutely stunning!

We found a nice, quiet spot to camp down by the creek and ended up having the spot to ourselves, as RD was unable to join us.

Listening to the Australian bush was such a joy and we watched the sunset as the kookaburras laughed (at us, I am sure!).

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4 thoughts on “Tea makes me pee.

  1. Chris Deegan

    Your bikes are so shiny! Welcome home.

    • tncpowell

      Cheers Chris! How is it going over your way?

  2. Tina Mack

    You. Guys stayed at OBI OBI first crossing. Lucky it is normally busy. Love you adventures.

    • tncpowell

      It was very quiet there! There was a few vans on the other side but we had it too ourselves by the water

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