Where the bloody hell are they?

C – After spending some time riding around Brisbane with RD this morning, we were unable to find Todd some new RJays panniers. He opted for some canvas bags from the army surplus store instead, knowing these would do ok until we got home.

T – Brisbane has really grown on me and it is possible that we may end up spending some time here once we have been to see family and friends in the west. The traffic is sedate, the people are friendly and the vibe is really chilled out. RD took us on quite a nice little tour, so thanks RD!

C – Today, our plan was to travel only about 20km to a Motostay host in Strathpine. We arrived mid afternoon and were greeted by a lovely Bill and super lovely, old golden lab called Laz.

We checked out Bill and Collette’s bikes and enjoyed a wonderful evening full of story telling, laughs, beer, red wine and amazing food.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful evening guys!

Tomorrow, we plan to hit a camp site north of Brisbane and hopefully meet up with RD again.

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