Rosie is licensed….to kill…

C – An exciting day ahead! We would get Rosie to be road legal in Australia!

We woke up early and got on the road towards One Ten Motorcycles nice and early. After negotiating all the back roads up to Caboolture, we pulled into Joe’s shop. I was feeling a little nervous about the potential work needed to get Rosie roadworthy in Australia.

Joe and his mechanic Dan were fantastic though and we soon had a loaner postie bike and Todd and I were zipping off down the road for an explore of Bribie Island, whilst Rosie got her safety inspection done.

T – The loaner bike had a bigger piston, a bigger carby, a pod filter and a loud exhaust and it went like the clappers!

C – It was a lovely day and we were soon over the bridge and parking up at a lovely beach on Bribie Island for a picnic lunch. There were heaps of people lazing about on beach and I was shocked to see people swimming.. Surely it is too cold for that!

We explored the island for a few hours and then headed back to the workshop. It was great timing as we pulled back into the shop as Joe was riding Rosie back in too.

It turned out she had required a bit of work to bring her up to Australians standards, and although she passed the braking test, Joe was a bit concerned about the “sponginess” of her front brakes. Joe wanted to investigate further whilst we took the paperwork to the licensing centre to get her a shiny new numberplate.

T – I felt like we got off pretty lightly really. Rosie has clocked 90 000 kms now and I expected her to need many many replacement bits and the list of new parts was quite short in the end!

C – After replacing everything possible, her front brakes were still spongy, but definitely better than they have ever been. So with her new Queensland number plate, we were back on the road and heading back to RD’s for a final night.

We were both excited about getting back on the road and planning where to now! We had thought we would just head north to Cape York, but we were both feeling quite tired and a little unsure as to our next move – north for the weather, or west towards family and friends?

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