Postie bikes every bloody where!

T – After crashing out into a very deep sleep at the very early hour of 730 last night I woke up at 430am today and felt very refreshed.

C – Despite waking up at a definitely ungodly hour, I had a great sleep and felt ready and raring to go! Perhaps transitioning back into the Australian timezone wont be sooo hard?

T – We were being picked up this morning by another postie biker that I had met a while ago and we were going to crash at his place for a night or two. So at 730 we were outside and piling into his car.

From there we headed into Brisbane to a local postie bike meetup. There was a good turnout with 29 postie bikes turning up. There was a range of customised posties on display. From ragged old rust buckets right through to custom lowered, multi-spoked show bikes.

C – It was fun to meet some lovely, fellow postie riders and check out the multitude of customisations. My favourite was a very specky grey, cafe racer style!

T – Wandering through all these bikes really made us miss our bikes. We had been hoping to have been able to bring our bikes along.

C – It was really sad not having the bikes there. But, we did get to meet a couple of people who have been following our blog – it’s always lovely to meet people who you only know over Facebook!

The rest of the day was spent doing some errands and we ventured into a Coles supermarket to pick up some groceries for dinner. It was actually a little exciting to see brands and items that we know and understand how the supermarket works!! Todd was drooling at the Tim Tams and all the Cadburys chocolate, but he saved his treat for a long neck of Bundaberg Rum and Cola. I think he went to his happy place when he downed the bottle!

T – So happy!

We received notification that our girls were ready to start the Customs process, so tomorrow we will go and collect the relevant paperwork from the freight company and then Monday will see us up bright and early to get into the Customs office. Fingers crossed we have them out of customs on Monday!

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4 thoughts on “Postie bikes every bloody where!

  1. Dna

    Really liking the unbearded look… you too totti…

    That was courtesy the d of dna 😊

    • tncpowell


  2. Jax

    I know most of those bikes!!! and those faces.
    Hi RD!!

    • tncpowell


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