We aren’t speaking Spanish anymore brain.

C – We awoke today both feeling out of sorts. It was a bit odd to know we would be saying goodbye to South America tonight.

We were able to have a late check out of 7pm so we really spent the day resting and doing some more wandering.

T – I know I felt really off today. I felt frustrated and a little unhappy about heading out to Australia. I know we arent finishing this trip, and that we still have another ton of countries to get through, but its sad to be at the end of the Americas leg. Once we get home and have a break though it will be great to be refreshed and hitting the road again!

C – Before we knew it, it was time to head to the airport and await our flight.

We both waved a sad goodbye to Buenos Aires, Argentina and South America as the plane lifted us up and away from Latin America. I have loved Latin America and am going to miss both spanish and the cultures.

T – Goodbye Latin America you crazy amazing place!

While at the airport we tried to spot the girls being loaded into the plane as they were on the same flight as us. We saw two very suspicious, oddly shaped and red tinged lumps wrapped in plastic being slid into the hold at one point. Hold on to your bottom Mabel, its going to be a long flight.

C – Thankfully, the 13hr flight was relatively pain free and we both managed to get quite a few hours sleep. After a quick stop over in Auckland, where we very surprisingly bumped into an old friend, we boarded the next leg to Brisbane.

T – It was really great to have bumped into Richard, but I must admit to not realising at first that someone was speaking to me in English and not Spanish as my brain tried frantically to translate this “new” Spanish!

C – We were greeted in Brisbane by yet another surprise – our bag with all of our clothes and toiletries did not seem to arrive with us. Uh oh, no clean underwear for us!

But, luckily, after we spent some time getting ourselves through customs, we were chased down by the lady who we had reported our missing bag to. What? They had found it already! We left the airport with a smile on our faces and feeling very happy to be able to get in to a bed soon for a nap, in clean clothes!

We were unable to get to Customs before they closed for the week, so we will start our customs clearance on the bikes on Monday.

T – The little hiccup at the airport cost us a little time and by the time we had made a few calls to Customs and the freight company it was clear we wouldnt free the bikes today. So come Monday morning we will be fighting to get them out!

Tomorrow we are off to a postie bike event in Brisbane where we will ogle and fondle some other postie bikes. Shh, dont tell Mabel and Rosie!

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6 thoughts on “We aren’t speaking Spanish anymore brain.

  1. I’m sad your trip is over too. But welcome home! I look forward to hearing about your travels in Australia.

    • tncpowell

      Thanks Eileen! We will certainly post up about riding here

  2. Welcome back home! I bet it feels a little odd after all of your adventures. Looking forward to the next chapter.

    • tncpowell

      Thanks Richard! It really does feel weird to be home. We are having to get used to being on the proper side of the road again!

  3. Karen Boehler

    So, are you going to keep posting or ???? Checking this has become a habit and I’m going to miss it. (You’re always welcome in India, and I’ve heard they give Aussies the same 10 years visas they do Americans.)

    • tncpowell

      Of course we will! We are just going to find our feet and get back into it! It may not be very exciting for the next few days while we get the bikes freed!

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