Post postie cleaning for postie postal delivery pre postage!

T – This isn’t going to be an exciting update. All we have done is clean and clean and clean. It has proved a little hard to find a place here where we can clean the bikes ourselves. We need a high pressure washer and some room to strip the rear ends out of the bikes. So to begin with we dismantled rosies front end in the parking garage and cleaned her down with wet wipes and dry cloths. Removing the mud guard, crash bars, footpegs, and various other parts, which we cleaned with wet wipes before drying and buffing with some rags.

When we got to the bits that need scrubbing we went and found a carwash and tried to explain to the workers what we needed. They said they understood and told us the bikes would be ready in 20 minutes. No, I dont think they did understand at all. In the end they got a pile of obvious gunk off and sprayed the bikes with armour-all. Not what we wanted but the language barrier made it hard to get our message across. So we still need to find ourselves a pressure washer.

C – We asked these guys if we could wash them ourselves, but unfortunately they were not able to. So, we still needed to find a wash that would let us do this.

T – In the meantime we continued to strip and was the easy bits. Chantelle sent out some emails to a few local motorcycle dealers and one wrote back saying that we could use their facilities! Brilliant!

So we woke up early the next morning and headed off to the bike shop. In no time at all they had us in the wash bay with tools, and cleaning equipment and a super powerful pressure washer. We stripped the back ends of the bikes down and blasted everything into eternity. Then it was out with the toothbrushes and we scrubbed every nook and cranny removing every scrap of dirt and muck that we could find. Then rinse and scrub a second, third and fourth time. This took us many many hours, but luckily our bikes are relatively easy to clean as they aren’t made up of too many bits.

Then it was just down to the engines. And here is where the problems were. After so many kilometers of permanent oil leaks and grime, both motors had a rock hard layer of brown stained muck on them. No amount of pressure washing even budged it. So we resorted to petrol and tooth brushes again. We scrubbed and scrubbed and even tried chipping it off with a screw driver. In the end we managed to get about 80% of it off but some of it just wont budge at all. Hopefully this isn’t an issue for customs.

C – I can not thank the MecTeam Honda team enough for allowing us to use all of their facilities all day long. They would not accept any money and just seemed happy to help us out. If you are every in Argentina and need any support at all, contact MecTeam in Buenos Aires!

T – As the light faded we packed up and headed back to our apartment. Both of us exhausted after another 6 hours of just cleaning. No lunch break, no toilet break nothing. Just cleaning.

With Rosie now completely clean it was just down to Mabels front end and wiring loom to be cleaned tomorrow. The its a final scrub and wipe down for the bikes and we shall see how they come up.

How do you make an old thrashed and trashed postie bike look new again? They are chipped and scratched and rusty and faded all over.

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2 thoughts on “Post postie cleaning for postie postal delivery pre postage!

  1. Dar

    Do you think you will have any issues with the little bits of muck left on?

    • tncpowell

      I hope not. That stuff just isn’t coming off. Its baked on oil that’s stained everything brown.

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