Q & A video coming up.

Hey all. We have been asked a ton of questions on this trip and thought we could make good use of a Q & A session to answer some queries.

Have anything you want to ask or know? Ask us anything about the trip, the bikes, or us in the comments below and we will endeavour to answer you!


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8 thoughts on “Q & A video coming up.

  1. Rhianna

    Most challenging thing on the trip?
    Most challenging thing about the trip as a whole?
    Chantelle has my other questions, can’t wait to hear this video. Much love to you both! X x x

  2. Rhianna

    Best food?
    Best coffee?

  3. Dna

    Learning Spanish has no doubt helped you throughout the trip so far. Just wondering if Totti would give the Spanish translation to….

    “How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

    … without using google translate…

    • tncpowell

      Hahah. Ok. I will try!

  4. Bob and Julie

    Todd and Chantelle: We joined you late in your blogging and are amazed at the scenery, experiences, challenges, and people you’ve met. You probably don’t realize the full extent of how your blogging is being followed… we love to read your blogs because we love to travel on our motorcycles too (but nothing like your travels though). Doesn’t mean we wouldn’t love to do the same thing as you. So, we live through your travels. We drive a lot in our car and I will read your blogs to my husband as we drive. He enjoys it as much as I do. (I grew up riding before I met my husband, then after we raised our kids, got back into and he loves it now as much as I do.) That said, he keeps asking me how you can afford to do what you do? Because we didn’t get in on the very beginning of your travels and don’t know what was said/done prior to you entering the US or about this time last year. So, that is a little background before we ask, how do you afford the traveling you do? So glad you can and more power to you for doing it!

    • tncpowell

      This is probably the most asked question we get. And to be perfectly honest with you it is the easiest to answer. So we will definitely answer it for you in the video!

  5. Jax

    In hindsight, do u think replacing genuine, reliable Honda engines with crappy fake chinese ones was a good move?

    • tncpowell

      We will definitely talk about that. The challenges and the advantages of it.

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