Out of there like a scalded cat

T – Another ferry ride today. This one was on a high speed catamaran though! Look out Rosie and Mabel, we are going to be hurtling across the water today!

We headed for the ferry but soon our GPS shut off and our phone battery started to die. Ahh we are so organised. I was feeling a little out of sorts this morning as we had again stuffed up the time for us to arrive at the ferry terminal and were late!

C – This is starting to become a habit now hopefully we do not do this with our flight!

T – Eventually we made it and we were greeted by a very empty parking lot and immigrations office. Maybe it didnt matter if we were late then! We were quickly processed through immigration and Aduana came and took our vehicle import permits away. That was it. Now we just had to wait an hour for the ferry to arrive.

Finally after a very confusing boarding procedure, where we had no idea where to go or what was going on, and we were casting off and powering away from Uruguay and heading for Buenos Aires.

C – The ride was very smooth and quite fast and soon enough we could see the city of Buenos Aires through the brown haze.

T – Once we had landed and had our bike imported into Argentina, with the correct paperwork this time, and that was it. We headed into the traffic, crazy amounts of traffic, and soon we were parked and stripping the bags and top boxes off the bikes. Dirt was raining down everywhere and we knew we were in for a hell of a clean up job. We went through the bags and ditched a pile of stuff that we would no longer need, bits of wire, old seals and clutch plate plates, my old panniers were totalled so they went in the bin too.

With no bags and no boxes on them the bikes looked naked and embarrassed. Well sorry girls but you are going to be a lot more naked yet! We will need to strip out every panel, every bolt, nut and wire to ensure we get every grain of dirt and speck of dust removed.

C – Neither of us are looking forward to the clean up job, but it has to be done for Australian customs! Its going to be a few big days!

But that will begin tomorrow. Today we will scrub the top boxes and begin from there.

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2 thoughts on “Out of there like a scalded cat

  1. Jax

    Not jealous anymore.

    • tncpowell

      Haha. About the cleaning part? We are certain the dirt and grease has been holding our bikes together!

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