Bed bugs bite, bald tyres do not

T – I really liked Montevideo. In fact I have really quite loved Uruguay. It has been totally gorgeous and friendly and very chilled out.

But our hotel had at some stage had a bed bug infestation, and the fact that we found some dead bud bug bodies made us keen as mustard to get our gear packed and get out of there!

So we did. And soon we were cruising north towards to small town of Colonia. I had read in a few places that it was very popular with tourists due to its beautiful little setting.

C – Ugh, bed bugs are horrendous! We have been lucky enough to have a few encounters on this trip – staying in hostels this is going to happen. We have gotten very good at checking for tell tale signs of bugs now.

T – The ride along the highway wasnt anything to write home about and we just got in and finished it off. Rosie has again been using an incredible amount of oil and for the life of me I cant find out where its coming from, and so we stop every little while, check her oil level and top her back up again.

Once we arrived in Colonia it was time to park the bikes and walk around a little. The town was gorgeous. Huge trees growing out of the sidewalks were dropping their golden fall leaves all over the place and made it look like a postcard picture of some European Hamlet.

We wandered along the waterfront and watched as the locals sat about on grassed areas sipping at tea and enjoying the sunshine. Very pleasant really!

C – Uruguay has been so beautiful and both Montevideo and Colonia were very pretty cities. It is a shame we do not have more time to spend here, but we do have our girls have a date with a freight company!

T – Then it was time to retire to our room and get some sleep.

Tomorrow we catch a ferry across to Buenos Aires where we need to begin the massive task of cleaning our very dirty bikes.

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2 thoughts on “Bed bugs bite, bald tyres do not

  1. Jax

    Such a shame you only had a few days in Uruguay.

    • tncpowell

      It really is. We quite liked it there.

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