Up down funky town

T – Montevideo is quite the pretty, laid back little city. Chantelle had planned a little walking tour for us today that would take us into the old town and around the place to see the more famous sights.

The day was lovely and clear with just a hint of a chill in the air. Kind of how I like it. We wandered through the little square near by where we found a statue of a fella by the name of Jose Artigas. He is quite a special character in Uruguay as he was the main man in the lead for the liberation of Uruguay. So now there stands a massive statue of him on a horse with his mausoleum buried beneath it. There are two guards who stand at attention on either side of him. It was quite a beautiful place to be.

C – The Plaza Independencia was really beautiful with what looked the archway from an old wall. The mausoleum was also beautiful and sombre – the design was lovely and the Generals guards were really cool.

T – From there we headed down to the waterfront and had a wander along the old sea walls and generally larked about. We walked down pedestrian only streets and sucked up all the smells of freshly baked goodies. Pies and quiches, rolls and sweet treats. It was all so tasty smelling.

C – We visited the Plaza Zabala, Templo Ingles and checked out the amazing looking parrillas (steakhouses) in the Mercado del Puerto at the port. We had some amazing quiche from a local bakery for lunch followed by a dulce de leche icecream cone! Yum, scrum!

T – After a nice wander about we headed into the more modern part of the city centre when all of a sudden a flash mob broke out into dance in front of us. We haven’t seen this type of thing in person before and it was quite fun. The reason for the dance, a live advertising spiel for a local electronics shop. Once the troupe had performed one dance they just disappeared into the crowd. It was quite fun.

C – It was really cool, but I have never seen a business advertise this way before!

T – Then it was back to the hotel to finish of a few things and settle in for a crumbed steak dinner and a cold beer.

All in all, today was a great day. It was a nice way to spend our day off of the bikes and tomorrow we head north again to the town of Colonia which is where we catch our ferry back to Buenos Aires and our date with an aeroplane.

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4 thoughts on “Up down funky town

  1. Dar

    Lovely pictures. The quiche looked very tasty. When do you head home?

    • tncpowell

      Thaks Dar! Early next week we think at this stage. Looks like we will be able to fly out on Tuesday. We have a ton of cleaning to do on our bikes first!

  2. Jax

    Very funky town – love the defiant girl artwork

    • tncpowell

      It was a cool city! Tons of abandoned very old buildings everywhere

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