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C – We awoke to another glorious morning, with crystal clear skies and a bright orange sun. Looking out of the window of our room it was actually like being back in Australia. Gum trees glistened in the morning sunlight and the only thing missing was the warbling of magpies.

T – I was quite taken by the setting here. We were a little ways out of town and there was basically no one around. It was lovely to wake up and stare out the window and watch as nature came to life in the early morning golden glow of the sun.

C – Maria served us a scrummo breakfast which included pumpkin jam. I have to say it was absolutely delicious and something I have never heard of before, but will be attempting to replicate one day!

T – There is a little product here called Dulce de Leche which I am quite fond of. Its basically a sweetened condensed caramelised milk spread that I slather on toast, cake, bread or just plain old eat it out of the tub. Damn its good! I am going to try to bring some home with me to have on my toast while Chantelle eats that foul muck called Vegemite.

C – Maria then kindly guided us to the yacht where we enjoyed stimulating travel conversations about the sea with the lovely french couple.

T – We have a bit of a thing with yachts. We had an old one in Adelaide which we sold before embarking on this trip. She was a great boat to be on and even though we never left the marina berth on her we still loved it! So to step onto this super 50 foot behemoth was quite lovely!

C – It was really late by the time we got going, 12.30pm in fact, and we still had a good deal of riding to do. So, we did the thing we generally try to avoid and that is jump on the main highway. The ride was not the most thrilling (very typical of divided, double lane highways) but the views remained stunning as we passed maple trees with red and golden leaves and beautiful gum trees watching over pastured farm land.

The ride was relatively uneventful, aside from Rosie developing a new ‘whirring’ sound on deceleration, and we arrived at our hostel as the day turned into dusk.

T – I could hear the noise from Rosie at quite a distance and while at speed. That engine is definitely on its last legs!

C – We had a quick stroll around the old town and I am excited to explore the old town tomorrow!

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