Drops Shorts, its your birthday!

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapy birthday to you Dave! We have had a birthday bevvy for you!

T – Uruguay here we come! The day was sunny and the skies were amazingly blue today and we were both a little excited with our new plan to see Uruguay. We knew very little about this little country to the north east of Argentina, so we didnt really know what to expect. We crossed from Argentina over the very long, large bridge that spans the river border of the two countries.

Immigration was dealt with swiftly and efficiently by a stony faced lady who looked like she would rather be anywhere else and 30 minutes later we had our new temporary imports in hand and we were free to go!

It wasnt too long and we started to notice some subtle differences between Argentina and Uruguay. There were rolling hills, gorgeous farmlands and trees, so many big trees! The majority of them looked to be either Maple trees or Australian Bluegums. Golden coloured leaves littered the roadsides and vines with scarlet red leaves climbed up trellises. We were immediately quite smitten with the place.

C – It was such a beautiful day and surprisingly warm. We were even able to take off our wind proof layers and enjoy riding without the restriction of our wet weather gear. Perfecto! It was wonderful to get back into countryside with lots trees – I did not realise how few trees we had seen in Argentina until we rode across the border today.

T – What a pretty place, and so clean. There seemed to be scarcely a spec of trash on the nicely mown road verges.

We cruised along steadily and made our goal for the night in what seemed good time. We had dialled the riding distances back from 400+ kms to just 150km for today. When we pulled up into the town of Carmelo we both still felt reasonably relaxed and fresh and so we parked in town and had a wander down the foreshore before heading off to our lodging for the night.

C – The town of Carmelo is wonderfully pretty, and there were people out and about everywhere. The two plazas were full of people lolling about and the riverfront was full of people fishing and just generally hanging about. It was really lovely!

T – First impressions of Uruguay are that it is a lovely place and the people seem quite friendly and very taken aback with us. We are being ogled alot here and people pull over on the side of the road or stop doing whatever it is they might be doing just to watch us go by. Maybe there isnt too many biking types go through here? When we stopped at a shop and parked people flocked to the bikes and tapped them, stared at them, and ran their hands over all their bits. The girls loved the attention and we just sat and watched from a distance.

C – We rented a room in a house on a vineyard and were hosted by the lovely Maria and Mario. They were kind enough to give us a sample of one their popular reds and it was absolutely delicious! We were introduced to a French couple who have been travelling in their yacht for the last 30 years or so and have been invited to visit them on their yacht in the morning. How exciting! I am so interested to hear their travel tales from the sea!

T – Tomorrow we have about 240kms to Montevideo, the capital city, where we will stop for two nights so we can have a wander of the city. Our plan is to take the ferry from there back to Buenos Aires in a few days and get our bikes cleaned up, packed away, and booked onto their flight.


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9 thoughts on “Drops Shorts, its your birthday!

  1. Brenda

    I have loved following you on your journey online. I hope you gontinuevto blog once you are on your journeys in OZ and you are sways welcome here 🍁❤ Safe travels where ever the road takes you 😊🍹

    • tncpowell

      Thanks so much! We will definitely continue our blgging for sure, and rest assured, we are still going to be heading your way!

  2. Brenda

    I have loved following you on your journey online. I hope you continue to blog once you are on your journey back in OZ and you are always welcome here 🍁❤ Safe travels wherever the road takes you 😊🍹

  3. Dna

    Even though a bit cold for drop shorts here… did it anyway… for old time’s sake… ☺

    Maybe a catchup in Bunvegas is on the cards ?

    • tncpowell

      HAHAHAHAHAHAH! That’s so fantastic!!! I think we woke up the whole city with our laughing!

  4. Dave

    Hi guys. Been watching you carefully. Sounds like your back into good weather so you should be right now. When do the bikes get the new motors? Thanks for the birthday wishes ….. I had a cold one or two as well. When are you coming home? Dave

    • tncpowell

      Hello Dave! We are in much nicer weather now which is lovely! We are flying us and the bikes back into Brisbane in the coming week or so. We will fit them with some new engines there and then we want to head up and ride to the tip of Cape York while we decide on our next move. We think we will stop and work for a while and both bikes will need to be fully rebuilt before we fly them off to the next country and ride some more. We hope you had a great birthday and that Anne spoiled you! love to you both!

  5. Dna

    Hey… do you want to play hide and seek in italy?… guy on tv looking for an aussie team for the world championship..

    “Nascondino World Championship” is a unique international hide-and-seek … The tournament took place on September 3 and 4, 2017 in a 25,000-square-meter field, with 64 teams,

    • tncpowell

      Hahah. That seems like a fun thing to go do!

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