So cold I couldn’t grab it

T – Our ride today was a grand total of 216kms. Nice and short in comparison to what we have been doing. So we took off out of town feeling excited to have an easy day. But first we needed to grab some oil so our girls could have a fresh day too.

The owner of the Lubri-centre was super friendly and refused to take any money from us for the oil. Wow. What a lovely gesture! He then kickstarted a flood of offer for us to have free drinks and chats with another customer. People really are very kind in the world, regardless of what the media tries to tell us.

C – What an incredible way to start the day!

T – We trundled along the highway and dropped our speed from 70km/hr back down to 60. No need to rush now as the end was near and we didn’t want to flog our bikes to death. We figure we have maybe around 1-2000 kms left here in South America and a few weeks before our bikes will be flying out so time to dial it back a bit!

We have been stopping every 100 kms to check and top up Rosies oil as she is no longer leaking it but definately using a fair bit now, and our first stop happened to be a gorgeous little pull out on the edge of a fast flowing muddy creek. So we sat and chilled out and had our lunch and swung our legs off the bank for a while. It was really quite a nice way to spend some time.

C – It was really lovely to go back to our slow style of riding. We have definitely been caught up in the push south and then push north to get out of the cold weather. Its nice to have a reset and start the slow travel again. The weather is not going to get any warmer now, but the days are bright and clear, despite being a bit chilly (we are averaging around 13 degrees celsius day time temps now).

T – We eventually dragged our asses back onto the bikes and continued on. We found a nice town to stop in but seemingly all the hotels and campgrounds are all closed and locked up for the low season, so we pressed on another 15kms to the town of Lobos.

C – We found a hotel in Lobos and had a short wander around the town. Its a pretty little town, about 100kms outside of Buenos Aires.

T – We are going to have another day off the bikes tomorrow and spend some time walking around the town and planning the Uruguay ride. We are finding it hard to be motivated to ride at the moment and need to get our mojo back!

C – We have been on the road now for 16 months and we are both feeling a little tired. Its interesting how we experience these high and low points in our energy levels during our travels. Wandering aimlessly is great when there is a vague direction to go in, but now I think things are a bit too vague. Heading to Uruguay is a great start – but we still need to make a firm decision about where to next! What makes us feel excited and which decision makes the best use of funds and will allow us to travel for as long as possible?

Anyone have a crystal ball?


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8 thoughts on “So cold I couldn’t grab it

  1. Jax

    Put all the options in a hat and draw one out.
    Gauge how excited you feel as you read the result.
    Rinse and repeat.

    • tncpowell

      Haha, pretty much what we did!

  2. Yvon

    Come back up north

    • tncpowell

      Haha. Im sure its a little warmer up there?

  3. Beautiful photos! I was always curious of those travelling full time on what motivates them every day. Maybe it’s time for a short vacation from travelling.

    • tncpowell

      Thank you!! We also have been interested to see how people cope with these trips. From what we can tell, those that do the long year + trips also end up feeling like we have been and they seem to stop somewhere for 6-12 months and then continue on. Its such an amazing life to be on the road like this, and don’t get us wrong, we LOVE it everyday! But youre right, its time for a break from our travels. But only for a very short while. I give it about 3 hours and we will be fidgeting and twiddling our thumbs!

      • Jax

        The flip side of this is returning home after a finite journey – the depression hit me very quickly and I was just not interested in the minutia of life that others seemed to be obsessed with (clothes, movies, celebrity gossip) and was looking longingly at maps and planning my next escape.

        • tncpowell

          That’s exactly what we are afraid of. We have no interest in those things either and so our focus will be to get the bikes ready to go abroad again. Hopefully that will keep it easy! Plus lots of camping on weekends and riding riding riding

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