Lunch in a rubbish dump

T – We were planning another 350km ride today, and to be honest neither of us are feeling it these days. It’s been quite the slog for us since we left Punta Arenas and we are looking forward to stopping and smelling the oil leaks a little more.

The first 100 kms dragged by with agonising slowness. Ugh. Sometimes these trips play these mental games and the roads end seemingly gets further away the closer you get to it. It was just one of those days.

C – Today was definitely one of those days. Doing this kind of riding is not our thing – slog all day on the highway, pull into the first hotel in town destination, eat, sleep, repeat. It gets quite exhausting. I think our first 100km of the day took 600km and 23 hours.

T – It was all summed up by the spot we chose for lunch. It was by pure chance that we pulled off the highway and into a rubbish dump. Neither of us had the energy to go any further and so we sat there amongst the rotting sheep carcasses and old chemical drums and ate our sandwiches.

C – We half heartedly toyed with the idea of finding another lunch spot but it was obvious we were both happy to just be oblivious to our surroundings and enjoy our leftover sandwiches of birthday steak, chips and creamy garlic sauce!

T – With just 250 kms to go we trudged on and on eventually rejoining the Ruta 3 which had now become a toll road.

Finally we rolled into town a good 8 hours after we started. Both of us physically and mentally exhausted. We booked into a small run down hotel where we could store the bikes in a garage and walked into town for supplies before crashing into bed.

Tomorrow the plan is to head the last 350 kms into Buenos Aires where we may just stop for a while.

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