Mabels covfefe!

T – “One more long day of riding and you can have a day off” I promised Mabel.

But she just scoffed “Covfefe” in my direction as she belted down the highway.

It was her special day today and all I could do was flog the crap out of her again.

We had packed up earlyish this morning as we were keen to make the city of Bahia Blanca at a reasonable hour and begin our break off of the bikes. I had to fix a very nasty oil leak on Rosie first though. We had been trying to ignore it and worry about it in Buenos Aires, but now Rosies rear tyre was quite wet with oil and I was worried that with a bit of rain she and Chantelle would be slipping on their bottoms down the road.

Unfortunately when I took of Rosies pegs to get at the side engine cover the whole peg assembly just fell apart in my hands. All the mounting bolts had stripped and rattled to bits. That’s going to need to be fixed!

Oil leak fixed and pegs tied back on with a length of rope and we were out of there.

C – Poor Rosie! Soon Rosie, you will repaired! Only three days of riding till we reach Buenos Aires!

T – Just 100 kms up the road and Mabel turned the big one. 000000. Brand new again! I bought her way back when she only had 28 000 kms on her. Only two years ago! Good job Mabes, now let’s get back to the next lot of noughts.


C – It was really exciting when Mabel turned back around the clock to 000000! We had a jump around on the side of the highway and loudly sang Happy Birthday to her.


T – We slogged along the now very busy highway and got pushed, shoved and blown all over the road by trucks and cars. Then we ran through a big patch of thorns and Mabel got a flat tyre. Luckily I needed to pull her rear wheel off tomorrow to make her rear brake work again anyway, so we spent the next hour changing the tube out, pulling all the thorns from my very bald tyre, and unjamming her brake mechanism. All the salt, sea water, mud and grit from the past few months must have all helped to ensure that it was all tightly rusted up never to move again. Until I hit it with my axe. Then it all fell apart and after a nice clean up and some lube with our chain spray we were off again, with a working rear brake! Yay!

We soon blasted into Bahia Blanca and headed to our home for the next two nights. We had found an apartment for rent where we would have a kitchen and all right in the centre of town. We plan on cooking a nice meal of Surf and Turf tomorrow night with a helping of hand cut chippies all slathered in creamy garlic sauce. DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.

Tomorrow is Chantelles birthday so I will also buy her a big cake. Probably I will try to find my favourite, I mean her favourite…

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2 thoughts on “Mabels covfefe!

  1. Jax

    Oooo welcome to the club Mabel! It is a very exclusive club and not easy to qualify.
    Will Rosie be putting her application in soon?

    • tncpowell

      Rosie is about 11000 from her 100 000 but due to a couple of broken speedo cables she actually has 26 000 to go.

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