Rosie is marking her territory.

T – We faced a big day today. Our ride was going to be 450kms long and we wouldn’t make it to our destination much before dark. Nothing for it but to get up early and get cracking!

C – The reason for the big day is that there is not a single town after Comodoro Rivadavia, only 80kms from our starting point. Nothing for it but to push for the whole 9 yards!

T – And what a perfect start to the day! It wasn’t cold, traffic wasn’t too bad and the sky was a beautiful clear blue! Nice! We hooned out of town and cruised along the coast while the sun hovered just above the horizon and warmed us up.

C – It was such a stunning morning. We were still fully clothed in everything we own, but we could feel that the temps were slowly increasing. It was to be our first, full balaclava free day!

T – From there on nothing much changed. We rode through the city of Comodoro Rivadavia and then there was nothing for the next 200 odd kms. No towns, nada, nil, nuttin’. I could put up a picture from yesterday and it would look the same as today. Flat and featureless as far as we could see. Really lovely!

C – One thing we were not expecting was a rise in elevation. So it came as a bit of a shock to see signs suggesting that we were about to enter a “chain up” area. Slowly, we rose up to 660mtrs in elevation. Which really is not much, but boy did it change the temperature. What started out as a mild day soon turned into a cold day again. The beautiful blue sky disappeared and once again we were riding the Ruta 3 under a moody, grey windswept sky. Sigh.

T – We rode along and got knocked about by the blasts of wind from hundreds of trucks. We plodded along and had our bikes working hard at 70km/hr all day, and it showed. By the time we had done 260 km’s both bikes were wearing new oil leaks and Rosie had a pinhole in one of her oil cooler lines. Poor bikes. On the plus side, Chantelles right hand boot was getting a nice dose of oil which should make it a little more water repellent! Luckily I have a section of oil line and tomorrow I will replace the split bit of hose and we will have to fix her other leaks.

C – We plugged on until 2.30pm when we reached a fuel stop. We grabbed a coffee to warm up and then we were straight back onto the highway for the final slog.

T – By the time we reached the town of Trelew we were both exhausted and the bikes needed a rest. So we grabbed a bottle of beer and chilled out in our room while the bikes sat ticking and cooling and dribbling oil on the ground in a covered in carpark.

We are now 1450kms from Buenos Aires and plan to be there in about a week. Chantelles birthday is coming up and we will take a day off the bikes to celebrate it.

So tomorrow we give the girls a service, fix some leaks and push on northwards.

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4 thoughts on “Rosie is marking her territory.

  1. Dna

    Buying a bottle of Mt Barker’s finest ready to celebrate the 3rd… have a wonderful day my second favourite Gemini. Keep warm. 🍾🎂🍻🍷🍸🍦🍾

    • tncpowell

      Oh nice! Thanks so much. You make us just want to go home! We miss you guys

  2. Dna

    Have waited and waited for a birthday update…. but getting thirsty… so…

    hauʻoli lā hānau iā ʻoe
    hauʻoli lā hānau iā ʻoe
    hauʻoli lā hānau aloha chantelle
    hauʻoli lā hānau iā ʻoe

    Wishing u some tropical warmth… aloha xxx

    Loving google translate

    • tncpowell

      Hahah! Thanks guys! Its only just turned the 3rd here! yay birthday!

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