Its birthday week!

T – We had planned another 400+ km day today. So we wanted to get away at a decent hour and make tracks. But first I had to try to fix Rosies leaky oil cooler hose. Luckily we carried a spare piece and it wasn’t long before we had a new one fitted up and off we went.

C – It was great to get one of Rosie’s oil leaks sorted! Although, the split in the oil line hose was making my right boot nice and shiny and more waterproof!

T – And that was about as exciting as it got! We just rode and rode. The first 100 kms ticked by so slowly. But we kept at it, breaking our day into 100km hops. We noticed that the trucks seemed to be a little crazy in their driving today and we would get a line of them passing us within a meter as they flew by at possibly double our speed! A few of them would tailgate us so closely that we could feel the heat coming from their radiator grills. Just stupid driving really. Still this is the life of riding a slow bike on a highway.

We really did just slog it out today, and the last part of our day was spent discussing the next part of our Americas trip. We are both stunned at the cost to ship our bikes from Buenos Aires to Canada. It’s going to cost us the equivalent of 6 months travel budget, which is really quite hard to take.

C – Shipping from Australia to the Americas was so cheap that this really did come as a shock – more than twice the price! It is hard to spend such a big chunk of cash one on event like this, when we know that money would do us another six months of travelling.

T – We have been umming and ahhing about what we should do. The shipping is a lot, then we would need to ship back home from the US still. Or we could ship home from Buenos Aires, maybe ride a little around Australia and find a place we like with a job each and start planning the next part of our adventure.

We both feel quite down about this as we really didn’t expect this shipping to be so high for such little bikes.

Tomorrow we continue on and being as its Chantelles birthday on the 3rd we plan on having that day off of the bikes before making the final push into Buenos Aires.

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8 thoughts on “Its birthday week!

  1. Brenda

    Disappointed to hear it’s so expensive to ship to Canada. Is it any more reasonable to ship to the USA?

    • tncpowell

      Its cheaper by $200, so not a huge amount! Plus we want to come visit you pair!

      • Brenda

        Thinking you need to self publish your travels and blogs to an online book company for purchase lol spare change for the start of your next adventure! We would be happy to have you.

        • tncpowell

          We might even do that one day. My mum would buy it.

  2. Gary Baker

    Happy birthday Chantelle. June 3rd is my birthday also, but I have several years on you. (I’ll be 75). Still riding my ct110 in Arizona.

    • tncpowell

      Happy birthday Gary!! 75 years young!!

  3. Jax

    RIDE the bikes to Canada!

    • tncpowell

      We thought about it. But we have a new plan in action now

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