What is going on lately?

T – We are beginning our northward journey today and it started with a ferry ride back across from Tierra Del Fuego to mainland Chile.

I must confess to feeling a small sense of sadness at having to turn around when we were so close to our end goal. But the idea of riding back into snow and ice isn’t a tempting one. And our guts are screaming at us to not push on.

The ferry ride was pretty uneventful and soon TDF had slipped away into the distance and became just a vague shape on the horizon. Both of us are starting to feel quite excited to get back into 10+ degree days again where we can continue our camping.

We have sent of a few emails to get some shipping quotes and hope to have something solid organised soon. We would like to be in Buenos Aires in 3 weeks and hopefully be riding in Canada in 4. Fingers crossed!

C – We were both getting really excited about flying back to Canada and exploring the east coast of the country. I am completely in love with Latin America and will miss it dearly when we leave, but it will be nice, particularly for Todd, to chat to people in English again – Todd misses out sometimes because it is more difficult for him to communicate in Spanish.

T – We had booked back into a hotel we had stayed at in Punta Arenas previously and after a nice catch up with the owners they delivered to us some bad news. Chilean Customs workers had gone on an indefinite strike nationwide. All the border posts were closed. We couldn’t exit Chile until it had been resolved.

This was quite a blow. Both of us sat in our room and I started to feel really stressed. Now the strike could be over in a day or two, but it could also drag on for weeks. One we read about lasted 2.5 months. For me the biggest issue isn’t being stuck in pretty Punta Arenas, but being stuck in full blown Patagonian winter on our bikes.

C – This is completely out of our control so there is no point getting worked up about it. But, the challenge is that winter is fast approaching and all that snow and ice will soon start creeping northwards towards the border. After having made the decision to go north, we are both now keen, keen beans to get out of the cold.

T – We don’t really know what to do as we are totally at the mercy of Customs. The last ferry of the season back north leaves tomorrow from Puerto Natales 250kms away and we have no way to get tickets and get there in time for that. So we shall stay here tomorrow night too and try to come up with a plan.

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