You’re bloody late you pair of idiots!

C – We have changed time zones so many times lately that neither of us had a clue what the real time was when we went to bed last night. As we had to get up early today to be at the ferry terminal at 8am, and all our devices showed a different time, we googled the current time, set an alarm and went to bed.

T – I barely know what year it is let alone what month, day or time! My whole world has blurred into one big “I dont care because I dont need to: kind of deal!

C – Todd woke up super early this morning and woke me at 630. The hostel owners kindly offered to serve our breakfast at 7am, so we packed up and ventured out just before 7am.

It quickly became apparent that Mr Google was very, very wrong. It was, in fact, already 8am. The host said she wasn’t sure whether she should come and get us, and had decided if we werent out by 8am she would come and tell us.

One thing I very much dislike is being rushed in the mornings. My pet dislike in fact!

T – My pet hate is tardiness. I hate being late!

C – So, rush we did – we gulped down breakfast, threw everything on the bikes as best we could in the pitch black and raced the wrong way down the one way street to skirt around a morning rush hour traffic jam.

We had a reservation which expired at 0830am. We arrived at the terminal at 8.28! I jumped off Rosie, Todd shouting he would deal with the bikes whilst I raced in and got the tickets. In my haste, I nearly straight into the naval base office instead of the ferry office! Opppsss.

Thankfully, we got our tickets and loaded up on the ferry quickly. The ferry trip generally takes around 140 minutes and can get quite rough heading across the Strait of Magellan. I always have motion sickness tablets on me and today, I could not find them anywhere. I had them in the room this morning, but I think in our haste to get out of there, I left them behind. I have not been ill on the last few boats so fingers crossed I guess!

T – We were just in time in fact. 10 Minutes after they told us to park our bikes in a corner and we were heading away from the port. Lucky or what!

C – The crossing was very smooth and not rough at all, and actually, went very quickly. We were unloaded and riding off the ferry onto Tierra del Fuego in about 90 minutes. And with no sea sickness!! Yippee!

We had decided to camp up the night in Porvenir, as the next town is 150km away along a ripio (gravel) road and across a border. I had thought we would be arriving in town until about 11.30, just too late to tackle that much gravel and a border crossing.

Despite the early arrival, we stuck with the plan and ventured to the hostel I had booked.

Porvenir is a pretty and colourful small town and we had a walk around the main plaza and the waterfront before retreating from the icy cold winds.

T – We also taped over the oil coolers on our bikes as they are running super cold at the moment and I feel like that is probably not a good thing! Poor girls have not even been getting up to a decent operating temperature down here.

C – Tomorrow, we leave Chile and cross into Argentinian Patagonia. We plan to make Rio Grande, putting us within 200km of Ushuaia (D Day -1). Tomorrow’s forecast does not look great though – 4 degrees with strong wind gusts, with an estimated “feels like” temperature of -5… Sounds like adventure right?

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6 thoughts on “You’re bloody late you pair of idiots!

  1. Jax

    Glad you made the ferry – that would have been miserable if you had missed it.
    Dya think you can make it to Ushuaia before I go out of internet range up the Oodnadatta track please.

    • tncpowell

      Haha. We should be there tomorrow arvo all going to plan!

  2. Dar

    Brrrr -5! You must be so excited though so close to Ushuaia?!

    • tncpowell

      So excited!!!

  3. Lynda

    So excited for you guys. Fingers crossed all goes well.

    • tncpowell

      Thanks!! So close now!

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