Who poo’s in a box????

C – Oh what a warm nights sleep. I kept waking up and smiling to myself at how warm my toes were!

But, alas, Ushuaia is calling and despite the weather we are both keen to get there. It was a freezing cold morning, with the temperature gauge showing it was definitely below 0 degrees and we were therefore a little slow to actually climb out of bed. We finally growled at ourselves to get out of bed and then enjoyed the hostals breakfast before getting the bikes ready to leave.

T – We had set ourselves a time of 930 to get on the road. Pfft. That came and went. We just wanted to sit in our warm beds and ignore the wind and chill battering at the windows.

C – The ride started really cold and it was not long before the snow was thickening on the verge and patches of snow and ice were appearing on the road. Then we passed a snow plow and realised how much of this had been scraped off of the highway – what are we doing???

T – I started to think that maybe, just maybe we picked the wrong time of year to do this…But then I realised we are so close now and why the hell not! Lets do it!

C – It was cold, but the sun was shining and the landscape was stunning with its dusting, and sometimes slathering, of snow.

We had done nearly 100km when the sky turned dark, the temperature dropped a significant amount and riding actually become uncomfortable. Then the snow started and at first we were all squeals and excitement at riding in a proper snow storm. But then we quickly got wet and very, very cold.

Todd suggested a stop to try and warm up a little bit as we both starting to feel a little miserable. We pulled into a bus stop, complete with windows and doors and decided to make a cup of tea. Imagine our surprise when we opened the door to the bus stop and found a big pile of human crap in a cardboard box. WTF??? Who does this?

T – What a weird treasure to discover. Imagine the look on some poor kids face when he opens the bus stop door and sees that waiting for hi,. Some people are just disgusting. Suffice to say we threw the box a good distance away from the bus stop.

C – After removing said box, it did not take long to warm up with a cup of hot tea and the stove on high next to our feet. I may have burnt my sock after assuring Todd I understand how close I can put my feet to fire without burning them. Turns out I don’t..

T – I did tell Chantelle that her feet were way too close to the very hot flames but she told me off for telling her what to do.

C – We missed the worst of the snow storm whilst sheltering in our ‘toilet’ stop and we pulled back out onto the highway in the sunshine. It was still cold, but nowhere near like it was before the stop.

The weather turned again just outside of Punta Arenas and the last 30 minutes was again so cold it was uncomfortable. Of course, this is the time my bladder says it needs emptying, right now. I tried to hold on, but just couldn’t.

We pulled over and I managed to go get my pants down ok, it was getting them back up that was difficult!! I could not feel anything through my gloves but was hesitant to take them off. All in all, I ended up riding the rest of way with both pairs of pants undone, but safely hidden underneath my waterproof layer!!!

T – The passing truckers and locals all managed to have a good stare at Chantelles bare bottom as she wrestled in the ditch with her pants. It was pretty funny really!

C – We arrived at our hostal to find the most wonderful couple hosting us. We were greeted with a lovely, warm house and an even warmer cup of delicious earl grey tea!

A quiet night in as we had everything we needed to make dinner. We are in desperate need of motorcycle oil before we venture any further, as Rosie is now using a few hundred millilitres a day. The ferry from here to Porvenir, Tierra del Fuego, leaves at 9am so we need to hang about another day here before catching Wednesday’s ferry. On the positive side, our hostal is lovely and Punta Arenas looks like a beautiful town.

Despite the cold, there are definitely worse places to be!

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2 thoughts on “Who poo’s in a box????

  1. Poop in a box – yuck, after looking at the floor of the shelter/toilet, I’d have been worried about what was not in the box, but on the floor icky! Hope you both manage to stay warm!

    • tncpowell

      Haha. It did cross our minds, what we weren’t able to see, but we were so glad to have found somewhere to stay warm for half and hour!

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