Rattling and rolling in the snow

T – We were so warm and cosy in the hostal. We didn’t want to feel the cold so the next few extra layers of clothing went on today in anticipation of the cold we would be riding in. We have been watching the very rapid advancing of the snow down the hills nearby lately so we know the cold is coming!

C – I was really excited about the Torres del Paine national park. It is meant to be one of the most beautiful in all of South America. I put on all of my clothes and looked outside – the sky was grey, but not raining so fingers crossed for a pleasant ride!

T – We zipped out of Puerto Natales towards Torres Del Paine National Park to the north. We had planned out a 250 or so kilometer loop and thought we might even camp out for the night if the weather allowed.

Wow. The ride into the park was stunning! We cruised along some terrible dirt roads that shook the crap out of our bikes and we had a few stops so I could re-tighten some nuts and bits and pieces. Then the rain came down and the wind came up. We were cold. Then it snowed on us. Right then we decided that we didn’t really want to camp in this weather at all and made a decision to head back into Puerto Natales after our ride.

C – I could not believe how beautiful the road out to the park was and then when we entered the park, it just got more beautiful. It was definitely one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. The snow added to the raw beauty of the place and the beauty did help us to somewhat ignore the fact that our fingers, toes and (strangely) our knees were now replaced with blocks of burning ice.

T – We had a walk out to a lake and watched as a nice big iceberg floated past. Yeah, no camping for us thanks!

C – The walk out to Grey Lake was about 3km return and just enough time to get that warm, fuzzy feeling back into all of our extremities. I jumped around like an idiot and jogged a little on the walk to help get my blood warm and pumping again.

T – The park was absolutely beautiful and the very fresh snow on everything just added to that beauty. Even though we were cold it was worth every second out there.

From the park it was a short 3 hour ride back to our hostal where we arrived in the dark in sub zero temperatures. We have decided that we won’t hang about much over the next few days and will get down to Ushuaia as quickly as we can and then get back out of there. We just don’t have the riding gear for the cold and we are warm weather people at heart! Plus riding in the dark when it’s -9 with the wind chill is probably not very smart!

C – It was such a pleasure to get inside the hostal and finally warm up completely. So, I think it is going to be a cold ride for a bit! We are going to try to avoid riding in the later part of the day, which just becomes so cold. The days are quite short here so we will limit our riding to make sure we can be inside and warm during the coldest times.

T – Tomorrow we head south to Punta Arenas where we will catch another short ferry and ride into Argentina. We have both agreed that if the weather takes a turn for the worse then we shall just head north again. Ushuaia is so close though and we know we can be there in 3-4 days.

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2 thoughts on “Rattling and rolling in the snow

  1. Jax

    WOW – nice scenery but you can keep the bloody cold weather. I’ll visit in summer thanks.

    • tncpowell

      This is the coldest we have EVER been. We got excited today when the temperature rose up to a nice warm big fat zero.

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