Mabel, Mabel if you’re able…

C – Boy did it get windy during the night! I certainly heard some of those famous Patagonian winds blowing through the street last night.

We enjoyed a scrummo breakfast at the hostel and then headed out into the chilly, but sunny, morning to look around town. We wandered all around checking out the shopping area, the waterfront and the main plaza.

After a time, we decided to get a coffee and chill out in the local park. As we approached the park, we noticed that a few lambs had been strung up next to a very large fire and there were a bunch of cooks preparing a lot of bready looking treats.

A gentleman who could speak english engaged with us and advised us that today is the anniversary of the founding of Puerto Natales. We enjoyed the festivities and were offered some samples of the deep fried, bready treats. I have no real idea what they were, but some were sweet and some were savoury. They were super yummy though!

Todd decided that we should make the most of the sunny weather and so we took the girls down to a gravel carpark on the waterfront, where we could address Mabel’s clutch issue. We believe the new clutch plates we put in were just too chunky for the clutch to be able to do what it needs to do to kick start the engine. (Very technical explanation hey!!!)

We cleaned up the old clutch plates as we had been told to do by a lovely Honda C70 enthusiast and in no time at all Mabel was kicking over perfectly and changing gears perfectly. Perfecto!

It was time to race back to the hostel as we could see very dark clouds quickly making their way from the mountains towards the town.

The rain never eventuated though, instead hugging the mountains that surround the town. We walked back through town and happened upon a car show at the main plaza. After a stroll through the show, we picked up some groceries and headed back to the hostel for the evening.

Tomorrow, we plan to ride out to Torres del Paine national park and have a poke around. The weather forecast seems ok at this stage, so we plan to camp in or near the park before venturing towards Punta Arenas the next day.

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