Living like kings

T – Oh my. There’s nothing quite as nice as a massive king sized bed with views out over the city. You really do get what you pay for and this hotel was no exception! We slept like babies and decided we had to make the best of the HUGE free buffet breakfast and the late checkout time of 1200.

C – It was so luxurious, staying in a fancy hotel! The towels and sheets were high quality and the bed was massive! The windows surrounded the huge room and gave us a 180 degree view of the city and the harbour. We were both excited about the ‘American’ buffet breakfast and feasted on sausages, eggs, hashbrowns and the all the expected accompaniments. We had already decided we were not checking out until 12pm on the dot!

T – We found a cheaper option nearby and once we had moved in we decided to have a walk around the foreshore. Puerto Montt is really quite a pretty city and we enjoyed the breaks in the rain as we walked the streets.

We really didn’t have too much to do today so we had a poke around a few malls and just enjoyed some people watching.

The ferry office isn’t open today but we do plan to be there first thing tomorrow to see if we can get on next week’s ferry.

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