I had to wee alot.

T – What a great place to sleep! I slept like a log and woke up to a nice cool morning. We planned our days ride and worked out that to get to Puerto Montt via the back roads we would need to do about 420 kms. Yikes. That’s usually a good day and a half worth of riding. So we will see how we go.

The road wound through more pasture and the further we went south the greener and more lush it got. We started to pass down some gorgeous tree covered lanes where the trees towered over us. Some sections were just like riding through some parts of our old home town area in Western Australia.

C – I really enjoyed the riding today. We skirted around the seven lakes district, witnessing the lakes and cloud soaked mountains. So beautiful!

T – Both bikes were purring along and they seemed quite happy. Rosie has lost some of her power over the last month but she keeps on ticking along. Mabel is as good as she always has been.

We wound around a few lakes and tried spotting the snow capped volcanoes that are around, but the cloud was thick and low and we didn’t see anything even remotely resembling a volcano!

C – It was 4pm and we were still 140km out of Puerto Montt. But it seemed like such a shame to camp in the rain when we could ride another two hours and stay in a hotel. So, we decided to push on into the darkness to enjoy a hot shower and a warm bed.

T – We kept at it and soon the lights of Puerto Montt were gleaming in front of us. We had made it! As we pulled into the city the rain thundered down and the wind picked up. We pulled out the phones to pick a hotel for a few nights only to find that both phones were flat. Plugging them into our chargers proved fruitless as it seemed that the charging cable was also broken. So we pulled into a nearby shopping mall only to find that  they had no cables in stock. The hilarity of the moment got to us and we sat in the wind and the rain and laughed loudly as our headset batteries gave out too. Seriously, we couldn’t have made it up.

We rode into the city not knowing where anything was and made for a hotel in the distance. It was expensive, very expensive, but we were exhausted and took it anyway.

Tomorrow we will find a cheaper option as we will be here for a few days while we book ferry tickets and plan our southern route.

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4 thoughts on “I had to wee alot.

  1. Jax

    So glad you made it in time for the ferry crossing… can’t wait for the next lot of photos

    • tncpowell

      Our original plan was to take a 4 day ferry from here to way down south. It would be like our Alaskan Passage ferry. But we were told by the ferry company a couple of weeks back that the last ferry ran on the 6th May. Well…we turned up at their office today and got onto a ferry that leaves tomorrow, and we got a free upgrade, and we got it for half price! Winner winner chicken dinner! Your videos and photos are making me want to come back home!

      • Jax

        The Nullarbor will still be there when you’re finished swanning your way thru Patagonia and Chile.
        #bastards #greenwithenvy

        • tncpowell

          Haha. Well we just got into a place called Puerto Natales in southern Patagonia. The ferry was AMAZING. Glaciers, mountains, islands, snow, dolphins and seals. Incredible! We are only just a few days from Ushuaia now!

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