He ate my steak and stole our bread

T – We managed to get away at the super early hour of 11am today! We were just enjoying relaxing in camp this morning and felt no need to rush out.

C – It was lovely just hanging out in the camp, drinking tea. We were both a little shocked when we found out the time!

T – We were heading to the start of the lakes district which would lead us down and into the beginning of Patagonia!

The riding was quite pretty and we zipped along through more green pastures. It was quite populated through this part of Chile and the traffic built up the closer we got to the lakes.

It is fall here at the moment and we were both loving the fall colours of all the trees. Its starting to look alot like Canada now.

Eventually we made it to the first of the lakes and we were quite disappointed that we couldn’t get down to it. Houses were built all the way along it and the fences were high enough to block out our view of the lake.

C – I was really keen to catch a glimpse of the volcano, but the clouds were determined that I wouldn’t. The moody clouds clung to the mountains around the lakes, but the clouds and the greyness gave the lake a beautiful look too. We were a little concerned about getting a campsite, given how much populated the area is. Time to pull out iOverlander!

T – We found a campsite on the internet and headed for it. We had to take a rough dirt road down and under a bridge and then suddenly we were on the beach! Apart from the big pile of used nappies that some idiot had dumped there, it was quite pretty and we pitched our tent just meters from the waters edge.

Annnnnd, because there was no maintenance or repairs to do on the bikes it meant we could both sit down, relax and drink some red wine!

C – I loved this campsite. Aside from the pile of dirty nappies of course. The sand was volcanic black and the lake was simply beautiful. We witnessed a beautiful sunset and sunrise and spent a very quiet night!

T – Tomorrow we are going to push on for Puerto Montt and the start of the Careterra Austral.

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