Everything is green!

T – It seemed like we had finally gotten Rosie up to scratch! She was running well, albeit a little smoky on her first startup in the mornings. Rings or valve seals or something. I can deal with that.

It had rained last night and both of us had left ALL of our gloves outside on the bikes. Not a very smart move!

C – This is the second time I have done this.. And it is so depressing when you get up to a cold, rainy day and you have cold, wet gloves! At least know I have the handlebar muffs!!

T – We were keen to get some trouble free riding done for a while and it was nice not to be worrying about Rosie. We scooted our way out of the city and made southwards. The scenery was changing again and we spent the day riding through farmland and tree plantations. Quite the change from the north!

C – The vivid green of the vegetation was just so beautiful and the difference in rainfall was obvious. So beautiful! The blue gum plantation were so much like the southwest of Western Australia. It definitely reminded us of home!

T – We ticked along quite happily and found a nice little camping spot by a river. It was a gorgeous little spot and one of my favourite so far in Chile. Mabel has been neglected over the past week or two with Rosies dramas and it was time for her to receive some love. So in went a new cam chain, new clutch plates and nice new oil. She should be good for the next 25000 kms. She is our little trooper that’s for sure.

It was interesting to note the difference visually between the two Lifans. Mabels looked brand new inside where as Rosies looked like she had been run through the wringer. Rosie is up for a new motor I think when we get back to the US.

Tomorrow we keep on keeping on!

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