Coasting to the coast.

T – What a great sleep! We have some $3 inflatable mats that we bought in Colombia and they are fantastic! They take a while to pump up and deflate but they are worth it!

The girls got an oil change today and I was really surprised to see how black Rosies oil was. It was the blackest I have seen it yet. Oh well. She has nice fresh liquid gold in her now!

We wound along the coast again today. Through thick forest and up many steep hills. That’s when Chantelle told me that Rosies clutch was slipping again. I couldn’t believe it. Brand new clutch plates and they only lasted a day? I was fuming with frustration. Why Rosie whyyyyyy?

C – Yesterdays high quickly dissipated this morning. I mean really. Has Rosie been cursed or something? I felt so bad for my little bike. Perhaps there is some major mechanical failure?

T – We decided to fix it in the nearby city of Concepcion and try to not let it bother us too much.

Unfortunately this part of the road contained many, many steep hills that required first gear. So poor Channy became quite annoyed after a while with the slipping clutch. Oh Rosie you are a pain in my bottom lately. We figured that the new oil we had put in was causing havoc with Rosie’s clutch as she had been running fine up until we changed it.

C – Despite the frustrations of Rosie’s clutch situation, I could prevent her by slipping by taking it nice and slow up the hills. She was only slipping under load, so this just made the hill climbs very slow. On the plus side, this section of the Chilean coast is sensational. I enjoyed the scenery much better than the northern coast we saw. The sand is black, but there are also these massive, raw black rocks which jut out of the surf and give the coastline such a rugged beauty. It was also a pleasure to be back on dirt, back on the minor roads. Although I was now more than a little worried about my girl. We had agreed that one more issue and we would not go south until she was assessed by a mechanic.

T – Our road wound down into a nice little valley with a river flowing through it. So we set up camp there, lit a very smoky fire and shared a glass/cup of Chiles finest cheap wine before calling it a night.

Tomorrow we get to Concepcion where we shall deal with Rosie.

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2 thoughts on “Coasting to the coast.

  1. Jax

    Those muffs are way too clean and shiny.

    • tncpowell

      I know. They are DISGUSTING aren’t they!?

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