Stay a little longer

T – Time to get out of the city. Santiago is a very nice little place and both Chantelle and myself found it a little hard to get going today. We kept giving each other a chance to stay for ‘just one more night’. Both of us are getting a little tired now and even though we love being on the road a break from it is certainly on the cards.

C – The city was lovely, as was the little apartments we stayed in. Santiago felt like a really easy going city and it was an easy place to be. Definitely too easy to get comfortable and it was difficult to move on!

T – We headed on out and I watched the kms tick down and not once did Rosie falter. We passed the point where we had turned around the other day, and still she kept going. I didn’t want to celebrate too soon, but I started to feel like she was fixed! We had replaced her major electrical bits so hopefully that was that! She had a two broken wires on her somewhere but I couldn’t find them. And they were only minor ones anyway.

C – It was such a great milestone to get past where we turned back the other day. Rosie was running so sweetly, the sun was shining and new muffs were keeping my hands warm against the icy breeze.

T – The traffic soon thinned out and we hit the back roads which took us out to the coast. It felt like we were riding through California again. The way the road curved along and the trees over the road. It was quite nice. Some parts also reminded us of Australia because there was alot of Bluegum tree plantations and Pine plantations through here.

As darkness descended we found ourselves a little patch of dirt to camp on and after cooking some dinner it was time to retire to the tent.

C – We intended to camp up a little earlier today, but we did not end up finding a camp we liked until rather late. But what we did find was a lovely area of wetlands on the edge of an estuary. It was a little muddy in some spots, but we found a nice high point to pitch the point out of sight of the highway. There were even three stunning horses grazing their way through the wetlands. A good day which ended with a beautiful sunset!

T – Tomorrow we continue our path southwards towards Puerto Montt,

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4 thoughts on “Stay a little longer

  1. You are getting so close! good luck and safe travels with the last leg.
    Best wishes,

    • tncpowell

      Cheers mate. Nearly there now! Hope your enjoying your trip!

  2. Jax

    Awwww… a cake picture just for me.
    Thanks guys xxx

    • tncpowell

      Haha, yes that’s why I must eat more cake, so you can see more photos of the goodies available here…..right?

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