Just a trip around the block is all

C – Well, today would be the day of truth!! We would take Rosie on a proper run and see how she goes!

After lazy on the couch until almost midday, we got dressed and ventured down to the carpark. Rosie started on her first kick, a good sign?

T – Righto Rosie, this is your chance to redeem yourself. Or I am selling you to the lowest bidder. But first I need a decent breakfast. Having access to a proper kitchen means we were able to make sausage, egg, toast and the best of all, bacon! Then it was time to go see the bikes.

C – She warmed up nicely, sitting there, idling like a little kitten. She did manage to smoke out the entire carpark level, but whatever right?

T – For some reason she smoked alot. This is yet another new thing. I can only put it down to ..I dont know what. I think she is wearing out though. Luckily we also have a new piston and ring kit, plus a new bore and head gasket in our panniers.

C – Todd wanted to test her out, so I jumped on Mabel and out we went. We decided we would venture only around the two blocks near the apartment building, just in case.

Thankfully, she ran perfectly!! And besides blowing some smoke until she warmed up, she performed perfectly. We ran her around the block for about 30 minutes without any issues, performing all sorts of tests, including her putting her through her paces at full throttle.

T – Well that was a relief. She ran really well. She had power again and we whizzed around the blocks a few times to give her plenty of warm up time. Plus I may have given her a little bit of a flogging. I needed to know she could run under load you see…

C – So, we are going to call her ready to tackle the southward journey at this stage. BUT, if we leave the city and she stalls even once, we are heading back to the hotel and not leaving until she sees a mechanic.

We have decided we will buy another stator before we leave the city. The two that have failed us recently were both cheap ones from Colombia. Perhaps this is our problem? Both bikes have more expensive stators in them now from Chile. Fingers crossed.

After this, we ventured out to see the city. We have yet to see much of Santiago, so decided to follow the Lonely Planet recommended walking route. It was wonderful! We saw so many wonderful sites, including the presidential palace. It was a great 3km route!

Todd was determined to get me a pisco sour, which I was soooo keen on trying. So, we stopped at a bar to try one. And I can honestly say! That I am glad we never did a tour. It was nice and lemony, nice and sour, but the alcohol just tasted like bad tequila to me! So, I have now enjoyed a pisco sour and am happy to leave it at that!

T – I bought myself a litre of Chilean beer, and after tasting Chantelles Pisco Sour, I was pretty damn glad I had!

C – Tomorrow, we plan to head out – all going well!


T – She better. Or its off to the big motorcycle place in the sky for her.

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4 thoughts on “Just a trip around the block is all

  1. Jax

    Empty threats Todd… just remember that siblings look out for one another and you don’t want to get Mabel offside 😉

    • tncpowell

      Haha. I think this is Rosies revenge for all the trouble Mabel gave us early in the trip!

  2. Come on Rosie Girl! You can do it! So weird to see fall in another part of the world when we are just starting spring/summer, albeit it is chilly and wet.

    • tncpowell

      It is chilly here too! But the fall leaves are gorgeous! Rosie will make it!

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