Im going to burn Rosie to the ground.

T – I know there is no photos from the last 2 days, but we have been so frustrated by our inability to fix this bike that the camera has taken a backseat. We just want Rosie to be happy again.

C – I know this might sound weird, but these bikes are just such a big part of our life. We say good morning, we say good night, we feel for them when they are not in the best shape. We both just feel so bad for Rosie – worse actually, because we just do not know what exactly is wrong.

T – Today we went back to Lira St in Santiago where all the bike parts shop are. We found a coil, in fact we could have bought enough coils to fix every bike we ever came across again, but we just couldn’t find a lead as long as the one we needed. Most of them came up about 3 inches too short.

We eventually found an American made Spitfire lead which was a tad short but it had a weird connecter that meant we could make our own extension. So back to Rosie and put this thing in her.

We started her up and immediately we could tell that there was no difference. With nothing left to do we swapped in a new stator and made plans to get her to Aroldo, the mechanic we had met the other day.

C – We were both gutted when changing the coil and lead made no difference. We sat in the dark carpark, looking at each other, wondering what to do next. The only option left to us was the stator. But surely no? Not another stator. She did have Mabel’s old stator in, but surely?

T – However she went, and she went well. No more bogging down, no more spitting and farting. She smoked out the garage where she was parked before she settled down to a steady idle. Chantelle took her for a quick spin around the garage and we kept our fingers crossed that she was ok again. We are here for another night yet and tomorrow we will take her for a test ride through the city. If she survives then on Monday we will head across to the coast. If she still plays up, then we burn her..

C – And by burn her, Todd means we take her to a mechanic. My poor little girl…

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8 thoughts on “Im going to burn Rosie to the ground.

  1. P.J. Berg

    Have you checked the tank/fuel for water? It can be hard to spot so make sure you drain it into a glass container.

    • tncpowell

      Sure did! Gas looked good and free from water.

  2. P.J. Berg

    Or you could have a burned(leaking= valve/valve seat, it would explain hard cold starts and bucking, shooting and misfiring.

    • tncpowell

      Oh I hope not!

      • P.J. Berg

        If they are not to far gone you can get by by lapping the valves with grind compound/paste, takes some tools to get the valve springs off etc. Probably be better off getting a new head since parts are so cheap. Easy to check if you can be bothered to pull the head, turn upside down and with both valves closed fill the combustion chamber with gasoline. A leak should show up almost immediately, if it holds the gas for 10 or so minutes you are fine.

        • tncpowell

          Heres hoping I wont have to pull the heads off yet! We don’t have far to go now

  3. Dar

    Poor Rosie!

    • tncpowell

      I know. We feel bad for her!

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