Santiago to….Santiago

T – We enjoyed Santiago, but as always it is great to continue on our journey south. Ushuaia seems so close now! I can almost feel the cold!

I gave Rosie a nice warm up while we packed the bikes and she sat there purring like a little kitten. Hopefully the blocked jet was causing her to run so badly.

C – I was excited when Totti came back up to the room to say that Rosie had idled nicely, just like a little kitten, down in the car park. Ok! A nice, carby is just what she needed to hit the open road again!

We packed up the bikes, left the carpark and ventured into the mid-morning Santiago traffic.

T – Buuuuuuuut…

Within 15 minutes of being on the road Rosie was back to stalling at every red light again. What the what Rosie! I didn’t know what was going on. So I swapped places with Chantelle as Rosie needed kicking every 50 meters or so. This wasn’t right. I had missed something. Luckily for us we stalled right outside of an auto parts store, so we ducked in and grabbed some carb cleaner. The way Rosie was spitting and stalling seemed to be totally fuel related. Twisting the throttle on made her stop running instantly, sitting idling for more than 30 secs made her stall, trying to take off without a huge amount of revs made her stall. Poor Rosie. She was very unhappy.

C – Rosie started to stall, and whilst I was happy riding her, Todd felt awfully terrible watching me re-kick her to life at every traffic light. We swapped so he could really see what she was up to.

T – We sat in the car park of the auto store and stripped her carby down and put our last rebuild kit into it. I gave everything a liberal dose of cleaner but it seemed really clean already. We reassembled her and rode off only to stall shortly after. Grr.

We stopped about 50 kms out of Santiago. Rosie wouldn’t run for more than a few meters unless she had a heap of revs. We knew we couldn’t ride her like this for much longer. Something was clearly amiss. We swapped the carbies over between Rosie and Mabel, I was convinced it was a fuelling issue. No change. Rosie still ran terribly and still stalled at every stop. Mabel on the other hand was running sweet as a button, as she has ever since she got her new motor in Alaska. Our little rock she is.

C – Once we had swapped the carbies over, I did not understand what was happening. How can she still be having fueling issues with Mabels carby? How!! Rosie’s airbox was even filling up fuel. Everything pointed to a fuel issue. I just did not understand what was happening. I was feeling quite stressed about my girl.. I felt stressed about her when we first pulled into Santiago, and now I was feeling the same again. Something was definitely amiss. But what?

T – While we were fixing Rosie a lovely gentleman came over to chat to us. He owned a nearby restaurant and soon he had us eating empanadas and drinking coffee. All on the house. Wow. People here are so lovely.

C – The gentleman was so lovely. We did not get his name, but I can assure you, these empanadas were the best I have ever eaten! He even took me into his restaurant, and after showing me around, gave me a horseshoe for luck!

T – We decided the best thing for us was to try to return to Santiago. There was a heap of motorbike parts stores there and if worse came to the worse we could buy Rosie a new motor.

We coughed and bucked and stalled all the way back into the city. Rosie ran worse and worse. Any slight incline and she would cut out and misfire and carry on. She was fine when she was cold, and crap when she warmed up.

Finally we made it back to our hotel from last night, Rosie dying at every opportunity leaving me kicking her over and over again in peak hour city traffic. I felt bad for her.

C – I do not know who I felt worse for – Todd having to kick Rosie over at every traffic light, or poor Rosie, who was clearly unhappy and unable to tell us how to fix her. It broke my heart. Honestly, I felt completely terrible.

T – After some research and some advice from fellow postie bikers we had the issue narrowed down to a few potential problems. Rosie’s coil was bad and when warm it would not produce enough spark to handle her fuel load. Or her stator was bad. Again. We had a spare stator and a spare coil, but we couldn’t replace her lead. And if we wanted to solve this we wanted to put as many new bits into her as we could.

So tomorrow we are off to find a new lead and probably buy a new coil too. Fingers crossed!

C – Come on Rosie!! You can do it!!!

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One thought on “Santiago to….Santiago

  1. Jax

    “… some advice from fellow postie bikers”
    Well you didn’t ask me…
    Oh, hang on, mechanical stuff… right…
    move along….

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