The golden mile

C – Todays mission was to find the motorbike street in Santiago and go in search of bike supplies!

We ventured down to Lira street, which by pure chance was only a few blocks from our hotel, and were amazed at the number of motorbike stores. It so very cool to be able to go to one street to access all the motorbike stores – why do we not have this Aus??

There were a million shops selling every brand of parts you can think of, including all the Chinese brands of course!

T – I love these moto store streets. You can find almost anything to suit most bikes, and here in Chile Chinese bikes rule the streets. There were so many pitbike stores and I was ogling all the new engines. How about 190cc in Mabel…hmmm…

We saw a few handlebar muffs in some of the Chinese stores, but were recommend to visit the Honda store, who sell Givi gear. The guys were friendly and we were soon walking away with two sets of handlebar muffs to keep our little hands warm in Patagonia!

Next – we visited the Pitbike Store.

  • 2 new sets of clutch plates, check
  • New stator (just incase!), check
  • New sprockets, check

T – The pitbike store had everything Lifan. There was floor to ceiling shelving loaded with enough spares to keep us happy. They had huge plastic containers packed full of every type of conceivable spare part, stators, sprockets, kickstart rubbers, pod filters,carbs, and kill switches.

C – So, now, hopefully, our girls to good to go!

Todd cleaned Rosies out and found her main jet was completely blocked.. A likely cause of my issues lately. So, fingers crossed she is all good on that front tomorrow!

A relatively easy day and we retired to our accommodation to catch up the blog, wash the clothes and enjoy a red wine with a view!

Tomorrow, we ride south!

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2 thoughts on “The golden mile

  1. Dna

    Looks like the bikes are undergoing surgey

    “Pass the scalpel… and red wine”

    • tncpowell

      Hahah. We have drunk wayyyy too much red wine here in Chile! Its cheap and very very good!

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