Hiding in the cacti like a weirdo

T – Today was more scenic back road riding. We had to make a quick pitstop in the near by town of Ovalle for some food supplies where I also managed to find a yoghurt cake. Oh. My. God. It was amazing! I forced myself to share it with Chantelle, but a part of me secretly hoped she would decline the offer.

C – I normally only have a taste and let Todd at it, but this time, oh my.. That cake was so damn delicious I had to share it!!! Poor Totti!

T – We set our GPS for some nice backroads again and meandered our way through more lovely desert landscape. It was changing a little now though and there was a scattering of trees amongst the cacti.

Our day consisted mainly of slow riding and enjoying the sights. We had picked a camp some distance down the road but figured we would just find something along the way.

Which we did. We hid in amongst some scraggly dead bushes, set up our camp and cracked a bottle of wine as the sunset and the stars blossomed into life. Ahh, this is the life!

Tomorrow we should get to Santiago!

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2 thoughts on “Hiding in the cacti like a weirdo

  1. Jax

    What??? No cake photo???
    Don’t be telling me you ate it too quickly – if this is the case you are required to buy a second piece of cake just for the photo!

    • tncpowell

      Hahah. Ok! No need to tell me twice!

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